Monday, November 27, 2006

my Sunday, 26th November 2006

My Sunday, 26th November 2006

I was in Parade again with Carrmen, WoonKei, Bell and CoWcOw (ChowHuiMin). I first had lunch with Carrmen and Kei before Bell and Cow came. We tried the newly open Bon Appetite but it turned out not as expected. So, maybe 2/5. Yes, it is that bad.

Then we proceed to Living Cabin. We waited for Bell and Cow while looking at the delicate but pretty decoration in there. The door deco thingy is still there. Please give me 180 bucks! I want to buy it home! It is so pretty!

Bell and Cow finally joined us and they can’t stop playing around with their mobiles. Kei and Bell have a new mobile, you know why now. So, we went to a little cafĂ© in front of Living Cabin. Oh yeah, Living Cabin is so nice now decorated with Christmas trees! I’m obsessed! You’ll know why later. teeHee~

Bell started to camwhore when I took out my camera. Oh yeah! I finally found a nice pocket for my camera. teeHee~

This is the view I am having at the cafe. It is the Living Cabin decorated with Christmas tree! Ain't they nice and pretty?! Gosh. I love them so much.

So, we have caffeine drink there. It is a coffee cafe, so, caffeine! Everyone was busy playing around with mobiles and camera. Imagine how we look like. And Cow was actually very boring sitting there looking at four crazy girls who can't stop taking pictures of themselves. teeHee~ I love my whores! Camwhores...!!

We were actually killing time at the cafe because we were going to watch Happy Feet at 2.55pm. But we still have about 45 minutes more. So, we chose to sit, talk and camwhore! They are skilled, mind you!

Here is another picture of Living Cabin. I am obsessed!! teeHee~ Someone going to buy me a Christmas tree this Christmas? Aww... Do something good, won't you?

The gurl's phone! Sony Ericssons rocks sock!! teeHee~ You can see mind is actually a bit different from the looks. But they are two K versions and two W versions. Great whores think a like? No! We are crazy pretty young ladies! Muax!

Here come my ladies. What's up with the peace sign? Hmm, I don't know. We are kind of obsessed.

I love doing this! Taking a picture taken by a camera from a mobile taking a picture. Confused? Hell no!

It's time for the movie. Here comes the movie! Don't ask me where I got this. If you are smart enough, you'll know.

Mumble, the happy feet is still in the egg. It is slow! Real slow.

It's out! It's so cute dancing around! teeHee~ I love Mumble when it's small. Muax! The movie is not bad. And it's so cute! We go all 'aww...' and 'cute!!' during the movie, you know, we gurls like usual.

I kind of think we are actually quite noisy every time we were in the cinema. We make jokes about the movie sometimes and laughing hysterically at the inappropriate time. We always giggled here and there and make comments. And worst part? We laugh every time we watch horror movies! Luckily, no one kicks us out yet. teeHee~ I love my crazy gurls!!

After the movie, we walked around. And I guess I am obsessed in taking pictures. See the lights dangling there? Nice! Actually not that nice in real, but with the edited version, it is so damn freakishly nice!

Later, WoonKei left early. Not that early but earlier than the rest of us.

It was raining heavily that time so we couldn't actually go home because Cow parked at somewhere without shelter while I parked at the rooftop where there is one part with shelter but we need to walk through the part without shelter. So, yeah, we couldn't go home yet.

So, we walked around and saw this Colour Rubber Shop. teeHee~ I dragged Carrmen over to the window while Bell and Cow blurly followed behind us. Then I saw this as-tall-as-me-huge poster about Fool Condom. It was damn funny! It is so stupid and hilarious. I didn't dare to go in, YET! So, no, I didn't go in.

We went to Cafe de Coral before we headed home. Cow left before that. We saw the hills were full of thick mist when we walked to the car park. The mist is so thick it covered most part of the sky, NO, it is not CLOUD! It is MIST! They actually look a bit like cotton candy as Carrmen said. teeHee~

We took pictures here and there and actually the mist looks more than that in the picture above. This one looks the nicest, so I uploaded this one. Then it started to get scary since it is getting dark and the freaking car park has no one and very few cars! So, we rush to my car at the sheltered part.

The two crazy gurls with me! See what are they doing when walking to the car? Carrmen is like, 'YaY...!!' and Bell is trying to give me the peace sign without turning around. Weird gurls, no?

And I bought this book! Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. i love Meg Cabot!! She rocks sock~!! And I bought bLing bLing, too. For my camera this time! Heart Bling Bling...!!

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