Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today, I went to Philippe Sum Salon in Ipoh Parade for rebonding. It has been half a year ago when I did rebonding and that actually reminded me that I didn’t have any hair cut since half a year ago! Not even a trim. LOL

But actually, it isn’t that long, is it? And I don’t understand why all the hair stylists said my hair is very long every time they did the rebonding. Notice the word ‘very’? I don’t think my hair is very long. Even the longest one still have 3 more inches to go before it reaches my waist line. Yes, I have waist line! Never mind about that. Even the time when I have the longest hair in my life, it only reached my waist. And it was V-shaped plus layered. So, I don’t see ‘very’ long there. Hmm…

Maybe it’s because they want to save up on the chemical use on my hair? The shorter my hair is, the lesser chemical they are going to use, but it’s the same price that I am going to pay so, yeah, it’s their advantage if I have shorter hair. Hehe. I’m not sure about this, I’m just making assumption but it sounds logical, right?

So, back to the hair length, if my hair is very long, I wonder what will they say when they see hairs like XiaXue, Dawn Yang and Cheesie Ringo?

p/s: Pictures taken from XiaXue's and Cheesie's blogs respectively.

I know, I know, XiaXue’s hair was hair extension when it was so long. I was just giving the example of the hair length which I define as very long. But I like Xiaxue’s hair like that. How I wish one day I will have that length to do the curl. Of course, I mean real hair.

And see Cheesie Ringo’s hair?! I like the highlight like that. But I want Blue! But, hers was hair extension and as I remember it is very expensive. Will normal highlight be cheaper? Hmm… I have to wait until I finish school this year end, go to the salon to ask if they can do it and if the price is reasonable, I’ll go for it. Wee~ can’t wait! LOL

Anyway, back to rebonding, I have had three rebonding so far. This is the third time and I don’t really know about the result yet since I haven’t washed my hair three days after the rebonding. But the first two, they have their pros and cons or more to cons. Hee.

The first time I did rebonding was exactly a year ago where I started with my natural very curly and wavy hair. No, not those normal curly or wavy hairs you see on Chinese but a little bit like Indian or Malay, in between that but not exactly alike.

My hair was quite long that time and I went to this shop near my house name Westernize Hair & Beauty Salon. They were having promotion that time where rebonding only costs RM99. Cheap, right? But like the Chinese saying, cheap stuff will not be good, while good stuff will not be cheap. That’s so true.

I guess the chemical they use were not good enough, my hair was not straight after the first washing and there was even curl forming back at the hair near my neck. Where do you see curl when you have actually did rebonding? Luckily they promised to do second time for free. So I went for second time a week after.

The overall was not satisfactory. The result is not even close to good. And my hair is damaged due to it. I regretted I went for it just because the price is cheap. After that time, I promised myself, I am never going to have rebonding in low price. No way.

So the second time, which was after half a year later, I went for rebonding again. My hair need to do rebonding once half a year. Sigh. And it cannot be cut before rebonding; if not my whole hair will go all weird.

Second time, I went to Hair Port in Ipoh Parade which is quite famous for rebonding heard from most of my friends. Yeah, the rebonding was good. There were two prices; one is promotion price which is RM138 for student only while another one is using Shiseido product cost RM250.

I chose the latter because I am scared of cheap price rebonding already after the first time experience. The rebonding is indeed good but what turned me off was the trimming! My hair looks so hideous after the trimming all because the fringe was too short and the shape was weird. Sigh.

Even if the rebonding is good, the trimming sucks. Again, I regretted! What the hell. Why do I always regret after going to a salon?! Sigh. My luck, I guess.

Half a year passed again, so, today I went to Philippe Sum Salon for rebonding. Again, two prices; RM169 and RM209, I chose the latter one. It’s the same product used the last time I did rebonding! But why is it RM40 cheaper? Ish!

Anyway, there are two more days before I can see the real result and until then only I can judge whether it’s good or not. Be patient! Hmm… Hope it’s all good so I don’t have to go complaint. Paiseh if have to complaint. Gee


Anonymous said...

Your hair is soooo pretty!!!
Whenever my hair grows out that long, I don't kow what to do with it so I usually end up cutting it off to a little below the shoulder then end up regretting it. It's pretty bad. Your hair reminds of one of the girls that was on "Shear Genius" that airs on Bravo on Wednesday at 10pm. The hair stylist that was working on her mentioned that she had great hair to work on and it just reminded me of that episode. Have you seen or heard of the show? It's a very interesting reality TV show. Right now, they're giving away a trip to NYC. I know this because I work with them. Check out Good Luck!!!

[ alLets ] said...

i'm not sure if you're talking about my hair because those pics are not me.
anyway, thanks for commenting. =P

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