Saturday, July 19, 2008

classes & books.

There's nothing much to blog about class lately. It was actually near to being boring or maybe not near, it's in fact boring!

But it isn't the real course now so I just hope it will be so much better when the course starts.

Have been practically doing the same stuff week after week and it's coming to an end soon since sem break is new before the real course starts in around mid August.

For the past two weeks, we have assignments to be brought home for life drawing instead of finishing it in class.

So I have been trying to finish my drawing at some random place because I don't know why I couldn't bring myself to do the assignment at home most the time.

I seriously have to work it out or else I would always be doing assignment outside which will be very weird.

Anyway, here's how I look like when I go to school when the class isn't so early and I have time to actually make myself look decent instead of... let's not get there.


Was waiting for Bell the other day in front of her house when she was running late hence explain why I have time to actually camwhore. Gee.

And no, I don't go to class everyday like that.

I don't wake up too early in the morning to do that. I only did it when my class is at least at 10am or later.

That gives me enough time to actually wake up, make myself look decent and also have breakfast sometimes.

And other time, I would even attend class with not even a sight of make up, with my glasses on instead of my usual colour contact lens though I have yet to reach the state where I wear sandals.

But I'm really searching for nice sandals so that I can wear to class. LOL

Here's one life drawing which I took almost a total of ten hours to finish, of course on different days summed up together.

I went to Starbucks for two days straight trying to finish it but in vain and on the third day, I ended up in McD instead because I'm too broke to go Starbucks anymore.

And I still couldn't finish it. Too much details.


Then I finish the piece at home with the help of music blasting through my ear drums to keep me awake and also my spirit high.


Though we haven't been doing much assignments for the three weeks we have our classes but I noticed I have become quite a photostat machine. LOL

Wonder why? Because mostly we have been copying stuff and I guess my copy skill is quite good and even improving now with all the classes.

Overall, it's not that bad for classes but I just wish for so much better.

The lecturers, the environments, the coursemates and of course others aspect as well.

How I wish...


I have finished reading Twilight!

And I so can't wait to read the sequel, New Moon now!


Can't wait to get my hand on that book along with the third book, Eclipse.


It was so nice and reminds me so much of the fascination I used to have towards vampires which have quite faded out.

But no worry, it's all coming back now!!

I'm so obsessed with it.

It's not funny.

I have the e-books of the three books now so I can still feed my addiction through it before I finally get my hand on the book itself.

I so can't wait to get it by this weekend!

It's crazy!

I so love vampy!

I so so so love vampy!

For real!

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