Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i want Pretty wind wheel.


I made this kiddie 'so-called' wind wheel for my 3D model assignment. LOL

I know it's darn idiotic.

It's 'so-called' because it cannot actually move when there's wind except maybe... you move it with your fingers? Gee.

I was too lazy to make anything complicated and hence ended up with this.

I know, very disappointing indeed.

But another 3D model was a black colour Cupido.

Yes, I made a soft toy as a 3D model. LOL

I hope my marks wouldn't be that low after all. I hope black Cupido's gonna save me from this. *have yet to think a name for it*

Suddenly I feel like having one real colour wind wheel!

Of course not like the one I made. That's like a joke, I know. *frown*

I want a pretty one!

I can't find a picture of what I have in mind but I found this...



So pretty!!

Someone please get me one please.

Pretty pretty pretty please...

*big round puppy eyes*


Ricky Tan said...

u study wat course ???

stella said...

graphic design ne.

i tot u noe. =P
and it's written at my sidebar at 'the blogger' column!
awWw... u didn't read. =(

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