Thursday, July 24, 2008

seriously movie Craze.

Warning: Long post ahead. Movie overdosed.

It's all about M.O.V.I.E.S...!!!

I went to watch Red Cliff last minute plan yesterday with Cymon and Ben when they mentioned about it in forum thread.

They didn't know there's no 3pm one until we reached there and there's only 5pm. So we waited until 5pm for it and went yumcha.


Actually there's not much reasons for me to want to catch the movie but Takeshi Kaneshiro. LOL

He's no doubt very good-looking and he acted as Zhu-Ge Liang in the movie. Gee.

I never knew much about the history but the movie seems to be very interesting! And no doubt, I didn't know how will the story goes and hence adding to the excitement during the show.

All the battle scenes in the movie are very impressive with thousands of soldiers fighting one another with blood spurting out everywhere. Not to forget the strategy used and everything.

It was actually quite convincing if it's not for some tiny little part where it gets a little bit fake.

But the mood spoiler was during towards the end of the movie... it said 'To Be Continued...'

Seriously mood spoiler giler! When I was so excited to know what's going to happen next and everything, those three words just appear on screen and make me feel like screaming my head off.

Somemore it was like climax and suddenly it's being cut off just like that!

I didn't know the movie wasn't complete! Wth.

Sigh. but I can't wait to watch the sequel. I honestly can't wait for it!

I guess this is the first time I watched a movie related to war but it didn't bore me. I seriously think it's the first movie about war that I'm so fascinated about. Gee.

I'm gonna give 8/10 rating for the movie. I seriously like it a lot! 8/10 is very good already plus its as long as two hours and fifteen minutes.

My butt was actually quite painful from all the seating. Gee. But no doubt, it was good.

But during the whole movie, there's people in the cinema who were being very annoying to the maximum! I guess this was also the first time I feel like shouting to those people to shut them up.

First it was the man who sat behind us. As in right behind us!

He kept telling the story about the history of how what is going to happen, when and why which sums up to be quite the whole movie already.

And the one beside him kept on encouraging him by asking questions about why this and that happened and how, who and when.

Both of them just couldn't fcuking keep quiet during the whole movie and it's so fcuking irritating! Mind you, they were not even soft! I heard the whole conversations throughout the whole movie C.L.E.A.R.L.Y.

If he so want to tell story, please go outside and tell the whole freaking story because those in the cinema wants to watch the movie instead of listening to your story! Wth.

And the worse? They won't even keep quiet after they are being shh-ed and stuff.

I can't help but to keep on giving them glares and asking them to keep quite by shh-ing. And yet they still wouldn't keep their mouths shut. At some point, I just feel like shouting to them asking them to freaking shut their mouths!

That's how seriously annoying and irritating they were behind us throughout the whole movie.

That's not all because somewhere a little bit to the right but also the row behind us, there's a woman with a phone who kept on ringing.

When I say kept on ringing, it's not once but twice!

I wonder if she's really that stupid to not know that phone actually has silent mode.

It rang for the first time and guess what? She didn't actually pick up at once to silent it in order not to disturb other people but took her own sweet time to look at the number to figure out who's calling. Then she picked up the phone and kept on yakking like nobody business. Wtf?!

Then after a while, another phone rang and I look behind, it was her again! Seriously Wtf...?!!

I seriously don't understand why didn't she put on silent mode the first time the phone rang and let it actually rang the second time?!

And like just now, she proudly speak to the phone while the whole cinema hear her.

Sigh. It's just so annoying and rude!

And no, that's not all. Yet.

There's a couple who sat a row in front more to the right side also, with two kids if I'm not mistake.

I have nothing towards kids in cinema if they were to sit down quietly and watch the show without making unnecessary noise which does not even related to the movie at all.

Those two kids were walking left and right because there weren't people beside their seats. Then one of them kept on making noise which I don't know why either.

Throughout the whole movie, they are making their own movie with sounds and everything. Cymon cannot stand it so much until he actually ask them to please keep quiet.

And yet, the parents didn't do anything to make they children stay quiet and let them continue to do whatever they were doing.

That couple were seriously very irresponsible to not control of their kids and let them make noise in the cinema. Can't they be a little bit respectful towards other people?

Those three group of people are just the same.

We pay for our tickets, too. I don't understand why they can just let themselves disturb others during the movie like we didn't pay for it.

Honestly, this was the time where I encounter so many of these kind of people at one time. It's so frustrating throughout the whole movie and it made me feel like the money I paid is not worth it anymore even though the movie was good. Sigh.

If there's next time, I'll make sure I am going to report them to the authority and get them a warning or two or else get them out of the cinema. Boo!

Too bad I forgot my right at the very moment when it all happened.

Enough about that already. Sigh.

Anyway, the previous movie I caught before this was the Dark Knight.

Yup!! I finally watched the Dark Knight already after all the big hoo-haa people have been talking about. Gee.

*Love this poster a lot compare to other versions. =P*

Now I see why everyone's talking about it.

I never watch any Batman related movie before this not even the older version or anything. This is seriously the first time I watch anything like this and surprisingly, I wasn't so blur after all. LOL

And the best part is? I enjoyed myself very much throughout the whole movie.

It seems like everyone focus on the villain Joker instead of Batman himself in the movie. Even me, myself can't help it but to like Joker a lot throughout the whole movie. Joker steal all the limelight! But he deserved it, really.

Heath Ledger did a very good job in playing the role of Joker, I like that character a lot! He seems to be pretty good in showing the Joker's emotions and it seems so believable!


Honestly, I actually hate clowns in real life.

They are scary to me, maybe some exception to those always happy and smiley clowns but I never fancy clowns in all my life. Not even when I was a kid and not now, too.

Clowns just freak me out but surprisingly, I like the Joker a lot.

Maybe it's the fact that he's in the movie instead of being right in front of me or else, I would have ran off miles away from him. Gee.

Anyway, I like the part where the first time he tells the story of how he got his scar and everything. No, not the quote 'Why so serious?' but the story itself and the way he told it, it was scarily good.

But the quote, it seems like it's being overly widely used after the movie was on screen. It's so boring with everyone going 'Why so serious?' in blogs, forum and even MSN. *sien* Can people stop saying that already?

Other than that part, I love the part where he was in the nurse uniform. I was laughing so hard if the floor in the cinema is big enough, I would have been ROFLOL *rolling on floor laughing out loud* like nobody business.


Love the part where he walked out of the hospital wearing the nurse uniform still with her awkward walking style. LOL

And also the part where he scared himself when he's trying to activate the bomb through controller. The villain Joker is such a joker!! LOL

Anyway, I only found out that Heath Ledger has actually passed away due to drugs overdosed, if I'm not mistaken, in this year January after the movie.

He did such a great job in the movie but ended up dying in real life! Gosh. Such a big loss.

Most the people rate the movie as 10/10 which I think it's a little bit bogus because I don't really believe in full marks. It's good but for me, it's not 10/10, I'll have 9/10 instead but it's very good already.

First movie ever that I gave a rating of 9/10 and honestly, it was definitely very good.

I kept on asking my friends whom haven't watch it to catch it as soon as possible. And yes, it's good! Gee.

Other than these two movies I have watched, there's tons of others I didn't manage to write about that I have caught way before this.

I guess I procrastinated too much and hence ended up with eight movies to write about.

And since others are quite old already, I decided not to write a long post on each and everyone of them but just maybe a rating. Gee.

Better than nothing? LOL

I have watched Journey to the Center of the Earth as I have mentioned in my previous blog post somewhere down there.


It was not bad but not good, either. It's like average, I guess.

The whole movie I was so nervous *kan cheong* because of all the height shown in the movie. For your information, I have height phobia! And yes, those in the movie scared me, my palm sweated.

But other than that, it's rather fake. Maybe it will be good if it's 3D instead but they don't have it in Ipoh, too bad.

For this movie, I'll give a rathing of maybe 5/10. Not too bad, right? Gee.

Then the previous movie I watched was Doomsday.

This was random because I didn't plan to catch this movie but somehow I went out with some friends and we decided to go catch a movie and ended up with this.


Most of my friends couldn't really understand the movie but it's not problem for me. Maybe it's the sadistic nature that helps. LOL

But I couldn't remember much about the movie now already.

Though it was quite good with all the blood scene and everything. Good enough if you like blood like I do. And I am very sure it will be good enough for Carrmen, too. LOL Too bad she didn't catch this. I'm sure she'll definitely love it. =P

All the fighting scenes contained blood and violence and not to forget insanity and madness. It was good when it comes to action but in a very disgusting ways as most of the others put it as.

For me... just good. LOL

Sadistic enough, bloody enough.

Definitely a rating of 8/10. Why so high? Because I understand the storyline plus all the scenes, it's no doubt good.

Then the previous movie before that was Wanted.

It's a bad thing I don't have good memory but I remember one thing, Angelina Jolie's hot! LOL


Who say only guys can ogle over hot chick? LOL

The storyline was somewhat twisting and I seriously didn't expect of how it turned out to be at the near end though the part where Angelina Jolie killed everyone, that's predictable.

The actions scene were mostly somehow illogical and though they looked convincing at some degrees.

I give a rating of 8/10 because it's good.

Angelina Jolie is enough reason to give 8/10, no? LOL

I'm just kidding.

One more previous was the Incredible Hulk.

I guess this is also a movie where almost everyone were talking about before this.

Again, I didn't watch anything Hulky before this and this is my first time watching anything Hulky. LOL


There's nothing much to say about it since most people watched it already.

And I like it, too. Gee.

So, let's rate. LOL

Erm... 8/10.

*Everything's getting shorter because... I just can't remember.*

Previous again was Get Smart.


I was very excited to watch this movie when I saw the trailer and I saw Anne Hathaway. I love watching her since I watched the Princess Diaries ages ago.

But honestly, this movie is kinda disappointing.

Is this a comedy? I'm not sure.

If it's not then I'll say it's a little bit too comedian already.

And at some part, I don't even find it funny. Sigh.

I'm weird. Other people said it's funny, but I just don't see it funny.

Long story short, disappointed.

Maybe 6/10, I guess.

Then again previously, I watched Made of Honor.

I love chick flicks! LOL

It's obvious, isn't it? Gee.


This is nice! And funny. Gee.

And at the same time, sweet!

But like normal chick flicks, it's predictable. LOL

But I still enjoy it nonetheless. Gee.

A rating of 7/10!

I wan more chick flicks! Gee.

And that's the last movie for now! LOL

Ain't this a super long post? Gee.

After writing everything, I feel like can die dot com, too.

And it's time to sleep!

I have quite some stuff to blog about actually.

I have to get them started before I forget all about it. LOL

And for now, good night!


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