Sunday, August 24, 2008

back Public.

Days have been passing by quite fast but in a blur these days.

I can't remember what I did exactly nor can I remember why I would have felt the way I had days before.

I just seems to not remember the details.

Of course they are not my best days after all except that I'm rather exciting to attend class and do non-written assignments.

Other than that, it's almost too depressing for me to look back at. Not that I remember any of the details even if I want to.

Also, I seems to have lost all my mood or whatsoever that I need to blog.

I don't think of blogging the way I used to anymore. Somehow in a way, it just seems like I'm trying to avoid noting down my own negative thoughts after so long.

But I miss blogging. I miss how blogging can make me happy itself. How I am always in a happy mood even if it's just because I'm blogging.

Without those happiness I used to have when I blog, it makes blogging seems like a meaningless task I just have to do.

Just to keep my readers in and not losing them.

And now I have to even work harder to gain my readers back after setting my blog into private mode for a week now.

I finally decided to have my blog go back on public.

I just hope none of the immature people are going to do anything anymore.

While to my readers, I'm so sorry I made things so inconvenient for everyone of you who tried dropping by in the past week.

I hope it gets better now.

Anyway, I have yet to write anything about Wall-e since I seen it on screen about a week ago or more.


The movie is quite good even with the fact that there wasn't really any human conversation during it. I could have imagine it to be boring because it involved two robots that couldn't even speak to begin with.

I was curious how the movie could be interesting with no words exchange in between the main roles. I was excited to catch it just purely because Wall-e and Eve look irresistibly cute in the trailer itself.

Somehow that's what make me go for the movie rather than the quality itself.

But it didn't disappoint me after all except the cute part.

It seems like the messages are being passed well in the movie even though words are not mainly used in the movie. And the way both robots converse seems interesting enough even without words.

The only disappointing part is, both the robots themselves are not as cute as I expected them to be based on my judgment through the trailer.

It seems like there's another robot in the movie which is much more cuter than both of them added together! It's the cleaner with the name of M-O that can't stop cleaning whenever there's contamination. LOL


M-O is so irresistibly cute for real~

Especially when it's trying to pronounce it's own name... 'M-O'. Gee!

You won't get what I trying to say if you didn't watch the movie. Sorry.

Anyway, other than that, the movie was good.

It obviously trying to convey a message to humans about how the Earth is going to be sooner or later in the coming years if we don't start taking care of it.

Though no one sure who really get the message after all.

Humans are known to be oblivious anyway.

For the movie rating, I'll give an 8/10.

After Wall-e, I managed to watch Death Race with Carrmen yesterday afternoon.

It seems like the Ipoh thread people are not interested in this movie and hence I didn't intend to ask them to join us.

Somehow they say the movie won't be good, maybe they just don't like it.


But for Carrmen and I, movies with cars are mostly must-watch! Gee.

Death Race wasn't something I expect it to be. Like the normal car racing movie where storyline are mostly the same.

This definitely is something new for me where the storyline is somehow interesting to begin with.

The movie began explaining how a huge amount of people became jobless and hence resulting in the sudden increased of crime rates and ended up with a too big numbers of prisoners. When this happened, somehow some of the smart humans took the opportunity to privatized prisons and used them to make money.

It was about car racings in the prison, prisoners being car racers and what's different is the races are mostly likely about death or win.

No, you don't lose the race and survive. Because the only reason they lose are because they somehow got murdered or killed in the race. Carrmen and I kinda got excited over this part because it's something new.

And why would the main character got involved to begin with, it's even more complicated but he's not guilty and yet he was in the prison.

I wouldn't be typing the whole spoiler here so, go catch it yourself. Gee.

The movie is something new even though movies about car racing are not new anymore but with its storyline, it definitely is.

Carrmen and I are very satisfied with the price we pay for the movie even though I can see from the numbers of people in the cinema, it seems like not much people fancy this kinda movie to begin with.

For us, it's definitely good.

So for rating, I'm gonna give a 8/10. Maybe a little bit more twist in the movie, it's gonna be better.

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