Monday, August 18, 2008

class Started.

Last night, just when I thought of editing pictures to blog, my PC died on me again.

When I came back, I noticed it has auto restarted but I didn't pay much attention since I thought it's not gonna happen again so soon but I'm wrong. It restarted itself again right after I finish talking on MSN and wanted to start editing pictures.

So I ended up shutting down and gone to use my Dad's PC instead. Blog for real!

But... when I started typing again, Ipoh thread gang called for yumcha.


So last minute, off I went to yumcha and hence explain the lack of updates after so many days.

I guess it's almost a week after a proper update but since my blog has been privatized already, I don't think much people will bother. Sob.

But still, sorry for the lack of updates especially to those invite readers who are curious of why I privatize my blog suddenly.

I'm sorry because there's some personal reason but I promise it wouldn't be long before my blog is gonna back to public again.

I will still try to update like normal though. *smile*

Anyway, was bored on Sunday since I didn't go anywhere and I ended up making a card. Yes, finally I'm back to card making after such a long time.

I was browsing online for inspiration until I came across a layout that I like a lot and hence I decided I should try making it until I found out I need large colour paper rather than A4 size and I'm lacking the colour of white. Sad.

I guess it's time to stock up on colour papers though. Especially large pieces.

So I came up with this with limited choice of pattern papers, colour papers and tons of others tools. I so wish I can get more tools, though. *frown*

It's definitely limiting myself now and it's not even nice without proper tool most the time. I can't even use eyelets! Sob.


Not bad, no? =P

It's my first time using soft pastel!

So, sorry if it's not that smooth because I still don't get the hang of it yet. But no worry, I soon will. *grin*

Anyway, it will be up for sale on Handmade Care with Love when I have a more cards ready made.

I'm kinda excited about back to making cards again but class just started yesterday!


Yep, I'ma excited for class to start. LOL

It's the first day of real course and I see the number of students in the class has increased by half at least. I think that's a good thing. *smile*

Other than that, there's nothing much except a so-called orientation by the CA club committees. Simple games and such. And there's no lesson for the first day, too.

But I was excited for today because this is the real first day of class! Gee.

Though as expected, there's nothing much even though we were given two assignments already but dateline is like two weeks away.

And I even got one almost done in the previous five hours before I started this. But too tired to seriously got it done completely. Like maybe 5% left? Gee.

It's simple cause it's just art & design fundamental.

Don't know what to expect for tomorrow though since it's communication skill. Does that means we are required to talk?


Cannot la me!!


Scared. LOL

Anyway, actually I have quite some stuff to update here but somehow due to me being quite emotional unstable these few days, I can't remember everything but a bit here and there.

Will update again as soon as possible and now, I guess I better get to bed already.


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