Sunday, August 10, 2008

i miss Neon print.

My movie watching spree has finally slow down already.

One reason is because I'ma going broke and hence, going to the cinema doesn't seems like a good idea now. =P

Second reason, there isn't a nice movie that is worth watching for the mean time, IMO of course. No offence ne.

Currently waiting for Wall-e and a few others which isn't on screen yet.

But the last movie I watched in the cinema was The Mummy; Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

It seems to be very interesting and exciting through trailer and so I pulled Carrmen to watch with me last Friday.

We went to Jusco, had brunch and then we have tons of time to kill.

Honestly, there's nothing much to do plus we don't really shop.

As I have said, I'ma broke!!

No, no. More like we are broke!! LOL

Then I came up with this idea, we went to the area where there's tons of machine for taking neon print. It has been ages!! But... as I've said, broke! =(

Gee. Getting naggy ne.




But there have nice lighting from those machine.

And since there is nice lighting... I guess you'll know what I gonna do.



camwhore ne!!



Darn fat lor my face. *frown*

No wonder Cymon call me 'dai gao min'. *cry*

But I still likey the picture.

Because I somehow look emo! LOL

And FYI, I'ma not an emo!

Okay... maybe not anymore. =P


back to camwhoring...

This is the product after all the hard work. Gee.


We took tons, but all turned out not nice. *sad*

It's either too bright or our face are cacated.

So I chose three decent one. Gee.

I miss taking neon print ne...!! *sad*


So after all the camwhoring, it's finally time for the movie.

Finally... phew~

So here comes The Mummy; Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.


I was expecting something good but... it's again, kinda disappointment again.

Somehow it's kind of expected though because the trailer of it was seriously darn nice.

The trailer was so detailed and so interesting and that makes me doubt if the movie's gonna be as good or not.

And as expected, the trailer seems to be on a higher level compare to the movie itself.

That's because most of the interesting and exciting part has already been shown in the trailer and basically there's nothing much left to be revealed in the movie.

It's like the purpose of the movie is just to merge the exciting part all together and nothing much.

Conclusion, overly detailed trailer.

But as heard from a friend, it's said that the previous two movies of the Mummy were so much better compare to this, too.

Hmm... I guess it's normal for people to say so because after the first and the second one, people tend to expect so much more from the coming one and mostly will get disappointed. Gee.

Overall rating will be 6/10 ne. *grin*

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