Friday, August 22, 2008

i want to Sleep.

Sorry for the lack of update still.

My blog being privatized is one of the reasons of why I'm in no mood to blog.

The week has been passing by quick and everything seems to be in a blur somehow. For three days straight, my days have been quite the same.

Class, lunch, back home, assignment, sleep.

That's all I have been doing since Tuesday till Thursday. Not the same for today since it's Friday and I was thinking to rest early but I can't seem to fall asleep! Quite frustrating in a way.

I just feel like dozing off and let the night pass by just like that but it's obvious thing is not going to go according to my wish.


Ended up I was reading Breaking Dawn for the past three hours. It surprised me I took so long to finish the forth book of Twilight series since I bought it for such a long time already. And even after three hours of reading, I guess I barely finish one third of the book. It's quite tiring.

But I still like the book a lot.

I guess I'm too into the character again. And I feel weird.

It's normal for me to feel so every time I get too caught up in a book or a movie. Somehow I'll ended up emo-ing in the end.

Am taking a break from it now and just feel like blogging even though I have nothing much to report about my life. It's not boring but it's like a cycle everyday.

Assignments have been pouring in everyday, it seems like I have countless assignments on hand already even though it's just the first week of class. But it's still bearable I guess since mostly are long term assignments and not those that need to be passed up in a week time or so.

Other than that, there's nothing much. I kinda enjoy most those assignments that are related to drawing or so. Have fun doing those even though there's some slight pressure trying to get good grades.

While others are mostly written assignments, I have quite some work to prepare for those and yet I chose to slack tonight. I just thought I could sleep but it seems like I can't.

Definitely not a good night, too dull for my liking, too gloom to stay awake.

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