Monday, August 11, 2008

new banner!!!

New blog banner...!!

Got bored of the previous one but still, thanks Bell for it. Gee.

It's time for a change but...

my creativity is limited.

So I ended up with this simple banner.

Yes, simple but nice, right?! =P

I like it so much. For the mean time.

Until I got bored of it again.


No doubt, it's gonna be fast.

Bu for the mean time, this work. No?

What do you think, readers?!

Tell me something.

By the way, I have some minor editing of the mini titles at the side bar and also some of the descriptions.


I just noticed one thing!!

My blog is in P.I.N.K!


I only noticed when Kristine said something about my blog being pink in my cBox.

I'ma dumb.

Really wth.

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