Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Basic & Foundation Drawing...


Know what is this?? *tongue*


It's my first lesson of Foundation Drawing class.

We are to use colour pencils and mix the colour around smoothly so we don't see any line while mixing.

I was quite afraid in the beginning to start because I've never do this before!!

But I guess it turned out not bad. *grin*


Watcha think? Tee...

Then this is the second lesson for my Basic Drawing class.

No, the lecturer didn't really put these stuff in front for us to draw but just give us a sample copy and we copied it. *frown*

I don't see the point of being a photocopy machine, do I?


But I guess it's good for practise after all.

This piece really nearly killed me because it took me almost a total of eight hours to finish it completely.

After all, I'm quite satisfied with it.

More assignments to come. Tee~

This is just the beginning.

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