Saturday, September 6, 2008

overly lengthy.

I finally am updating my blog again!


It seems like a long time already and sorry to those who was worried that something might have happened to me. I'm all fine and dandy, no problem.

I was all good since quite some time ago but the reason that I didn't manage to update is because I was a little bit busy with my assignments and stuff. Plus it's tiring most the time.

So no worry, okay? *grin*

Life's heading to the boring side lately and I'm starting to slack here and there. Not exactly procrastinating but slacking nonetheless.

It's not healthy! I know.

But I need something to motivate me.

Everything has been quite a cycle since class started. It's the third week now, going forth if not mistaken. *frown*

I'm bored!! Yes, I'm bored with it already.

Yet, I can't really find anything to entertain myself. I'm trying hard but it seems like a failure still until now. Sigh.

I just pray hard that the BBQ gathering that they are planning on the coming weekend will be successful. Teehee~ *smile*


Last Saturday was Merdeka eve, I forgot to post anything about it. LOL

Wasn't in top condition and that explained why I kinda abandoned my blog and only trashed it with emo posts.

Anyway, it's just an excuse to party for most people.

For me, I usually would have stayed at home and it would have just been like every normal night.

Though this year, I went out for steamboat and K session with some Ipoh thread members. Just a tiny mini gathering. LOL

We went steamboat at Good Times, there's Cymon, Benny, Alex, Carrmen and I. Teehee~ First time got to meet Alex. It's just five of us. Told ya, it's small. *smile*

It's buffet style and I noticed I don't really like it. I don't know why. Maybe the food there just doesn't suit my taste. But it's not my first time there though.

Plus I miss Moven Peak Restaurant's steamboat. They have those food for you while you're waiting for your steamboat. I love their steak!! Darn nice.

So juicy can die dot com!!

No exaggerating, serious.

I could have just pay and only eat that steak until I die of overwhelm with food. Teehee~

But no, I don't find any food I can stuff myself silly with in Good Times. *pout*

Anyway, after that, we went for K session at K Box in Parade.

I managed to force Carrmen to go with the condition of me paying for her. Yes, I paid for her!! *tear*

Not cheap, can?!

But I want her to be there and hence, I have to sacrifice a bit.

It was quite crazy with those three guys singing mostly English songs and Carrmen not singing at all.

I was like the only one who kept singing Chinese songs and in the end, I gave up. I joined them in English songs and we went through those old school one! LOL

We even have Uptown Girl by Westlife, Viva Forever by Spice Girls, As Long As You Love Me by Backstreetboys and tons others.

Watching Backstreetboys MV and looking at AJ make me noticed one thing, that one of my classmates actually look like AJ in a way!! OMG!


He's the only Malay guy in class and he has this tiny moustache growing just like how AJ look like in the MV and then... he's good looking! Tee~

This is gonna freak him out if he happen to drop by. LOL

But I doubt he would since no one in college know about my blog. *tongue*

Carrmen and I left early due to a few reasons. One, she want to get home not later than midnight. Secondly, since I pulled her there, I have to get her home. Thirdly, it's better we don't stay out too late because there's tons of cases around our areas that time.

So when we left, the clock just strike 12 and fireworks were on air! Teehee~

They have fireworks near Parade so while on the way down from the carpark, we managed to stop by aside and catch a few glimpse. It wasn't that nice in the beginning but towards the end, it was so pretty!

But it was quite short, only about five minutes if I'm not mistaken.

And then we proceeded home.

And you guess it right, I didn't take even a single picture that night! Sigh.

I guess I'm so not a camwhore anymore especially when I'm with Ipoh thread people. *forwn* They just don't camwhore and they tease camwhore-r. Sob.

Meanie people.


Last Monday was boring, since there's no class and I'm so sick of staying at home already.

So I pulled Carrmen out and we both went to Jusco.

Managed to catch a movie even though it's last minute and there's still tickets. We watched Penelope because I want to though Carrmen wanted to watch Babylon A.D instead. Teehee~


I didn't know what the movie is all about when I walked into the cinema.

By the way, we didn't managed to catch our lunch before heading for the movie. So we ended up having popcorn as brunch! LOL

So, the movie was somehow a chick flick. I know this though and that's why I chose it. But I think there's a spilt second that I actually regret choosing it.

The movie is about a blue blood girl being born with a pig nose and pig ears due to curse from very very past generation before this and the curse somehow happened on her because the curse was cast on a daughter. But all the while before this, there ain't any daughter being gave birth to and hence it waited until now.

It's about how she can break the curse and how her mother is trying to help her and never give up.

Basically, it's about romance most the time with a story line.

Rating of 6.5/10. Not bad~ *smile*

After movie, we came out and since we're still full with popcorn, we went window shopping! LOL

I don't know why I have the mood to go around trying on clothes. *tongue*

So we went to SODA, and then Padini Concept Store but we didn't try anything because there's just too many people and they are even lining up for the fitting room. Crazy.

Then we got to MNG and like usual, barbie doll session! LOL

After that we managed to drop by G2000 since there's not even a single soul inside, not even the promoter not cashier.


Serious. Really no one at all.

Then they came out of no where after I picked a few clothes from the rack. Weird.

After trying on all the clothes we know we wouldn't buy. Maybe we would but at the slightest chance for the mean time, we went for Baskin Robin. Wee...!!

Carrmen has this RM3 voucher from Jusco for her bufday.


So we got this and shared. *huge grin*

I chose cookies & cream and it's so nice!!

I should have try other flavor but... there's nothing much. They don't have chocolate for that day! *pout*

But it's still nice~ Teehee!

After indulging ourselves in those delicious ice-cream, we continued our window shopping! To Padini we went! Teehee~

Still not happy that we didn't manage to try on anything there especially when I have an eye on a few shirts that I wanted to try.

So we went back there, grabbed those shirts and off to the fitting room. And yet, we have to wait. Why was there so many people there but not others shop we went earlier?! Wtf.

I waited and then I tried on three shirts and then we camwhore-d a bit in there. LOL


I feel like buying one of it. Just a normal white based, red stripes polo-t.

The one in the picture but it cost RM45 even after discount, some say it's not worth it but nice. One particular person say it's not nice! BuawWww!! *cry*

I don't know why I have always trying to get polo-t. I'm so sick of normal t-shirt already. Sigh.

But I'm still thinking about it.

Continue to think about it. Gee.

So after that, we went grocery shopping but before that, we managed to drop by at all shoes shop and looked around. I want new sandals! Or any new shoe wear!

But no, can't see anything I like. So limited.

So then we went grocery shopping and then dinner.

It's so boring eating in Jusco now! No food seems to appeal to us anymore. Sigh. We ended up in Black Canyon which I normally don't go. I used to hate it and I still don't like it very much.

But we have no where to go, so we ended up there.




Carrmen ordered Seafood Curry with Rice and I ordered the Dry Tom Yum Tuna with Pasta. We shared the two main dishes and it's nice.

Somehow it taste quite good. *drool*

But when we finished everything, we were too full to move. LOL

That's how we spent our public holiday and somehow it's quite fun going around having Barbie session! Teehee~

I still feel like doing it again. LOL


I guess that's all for now. I took like more than three hours to type this entry, I know it shouldn't take that long but I kept getting distracted by forum. Gee~

So I kept typing halfway and ran off to forum and then come back again before running off again in a minute time.

It continues for like three hours. Damn.

And I'm finally decided to wrap it up till Monday! I still have Wednesday, Friday and some other stuff to blog about.

I guess I shouldn't post an over lengthy post at once either.

So I'm stopping for now.

I'm so sleepy I feel drunk! Wtf.

I have to get to bed soon.

My brain is crazy. LOL

Night everyone! Teehee~

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