Friday, September 26, 2008


I've finally received my first cheque from Nuffnang about two weeks ago! *grin*

Though it's not a big sum of money but still am very happy to receive it. Tee~


Actually it's just a trial to cash out because one of my friend kept telling me that Nuffnang won't pay us even though we have more than RM50 in our Nuffnang account. So to prove whether Nuffnang do really pay us, I tried cashing out.

It seems to be no problem.

I guess I'm gonna cash out every time the total amount went more than RM50 just in case. *tongue*

Anyway, during Mooncake Festival, Ipoh Thread tried to have gathering but no one comes. *frown*

So gathering failed and we only have Benny, Neven, Mel and friend and lastly, me.



But still, we didn't forget candles!

And I made the words, 'Ipoh Thread' with the candles. Nice? *grin*

But too bad we failed to get lantern though. Sob.

Here's some of my assignments again~



It's Foundation Drawing class again where we mostly learn how to use colour pencils on colouring items so that they look real.

Second lesson was onion and third lesson was tomato.

Then it's Basic Drawing class.


There's one lesson we were required to find picture of watch and draw it. Then cross hatch with black ball pen.

It scared me a little to use black ball pen to cross hatch it since it's no way back if there's any mistake.

It started okay with the lecturer's guide and in the end, I messed it up a bit when I try to finish it at home.

But overall, I'm still quite satisfied. *tongue*

As always, more assignments to come~

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