Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just came back from Ipoh Thread gathering. Madness!! LOL

And I noticed the Anony dropped another message in my cBox again. Anony has actually dropped a message already earlier today but I deleted it because I don't like it. It's commenting regarding my diet plan.

It said something about, 'your diet plan is not working' or something similar.

It seems like some mockery to me and I don't like it and so I deleted that comment. And now that I'ma back again, I see Anony has leave another message saying, 'still looking the same haha'.

So what if my diet plan does not work? Does it hurt you or something now? And so what that I look the same? Did it offend you or something because I don't see anything related to you whether on how do I look like or whether if my diet plan works or not.

Plus you're just using Anony as your name there which just show that you're just a coward that hiding behind the computer to make nasty comment.

I don't care, that comment is going to be trashed again. Whatever makes me happy. And not to forget, block, too.

Anony~ You're going to be trashed again! *evil laugh*

I don't see I need much explanation on this.

If you don't like, you go away.

No one ask you to stay, no one ask you to come again and no one ask you to leave comment, too.

Might as well just fcuk off.

p/s: This was my auto-message in MSN when I was out for the gathering:-

AutoMessage: gathering rox soxXx...!! me no want talk to yewww! hahaha. just kidding. reply yeww when i'm back provided if yeww still online. eeeee..~ longest away message ever i guess~ LOL!! XD hyper hyper hyper. *jump jump jump!!* bye!

LOL!! Kena scold darn mengada by ninelives!! Haha!! *laugh*

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