Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my Dream.

I turned around and then I saw him. His sleek muscular body, glistening under the sun, looking all delicious and yummy, without me noticing, drool going down my chin escaping from its home.

Such a handsome, so good looking.

How badly I wish to own him or at least touch him.

Yes, I want to touch him badly.

I'ma not a pervert FYI!

But he's too irresistible! I feel like marrying him right on the spot.

Yes! It's that kua jeong!!

I got a picture of him. You curious??

Here goes.


Yes!! That's him!!

Mercedez Benz C200 Kompressor!

OMG! OMG! OMG! *drool gao gao can mati dot com*

When I first saw it behind my car this afternoon accelerating so fast, I totally fell in love!! Look at it, so gorgeous, so handsome!! Whichever way you like to put it.

How I wish I can have a ride with him.

Sound so wrong. Hahaha!!

But don't care! I wanna ride!

It's seriously so good looking, I'm practically drooling all over my seat in my own car already.

But after a while, something potong stim.

I noticed the driver in it drive like a jerk.

Yes, I just say jerk.

He seriously drive like a jerk! I think I've even convinced myself he's a jerk in real life. *frown*

I don't know how to explain it but just the word jerk.

I do put in the possibility that the driver might be in a hurry, rushing to somewhere or something important and hence he's driving like a jerk. Maybe, just maybe that is still forgivable.

But if he's not in a hurry and he's driving like that! I'm so gonna tell you I'm very sure that he's a jerk!


Such a hot baby but own by someone who drives like a jerk. *frown*

Such a waste.

Might as well give to me as a gift!

I'm so gonna take good care of it.

Sleep with it, eat with it, bath with it, do everything with it! *LOL*

Anyway, just a very random one because I saw it during this afternoon and have a very strong urge to blog about this. *tongue*

By the way, I'ma back last Saturday.

I'ma sorry for the lack of update because I was very very busy since I came back with all the spamming I did in forum. *LOL*

I'm just kidding. I'm really busy with assignments with all the datelines so near and so many things to do.

So for now, I guess Penang trip pictures wouldn't be up soon. But don't worry, I'll have some random post like this one here and there for the mean time.

Will be back soon.

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