Sunday, October 19, 2008

source of happiness.

I'ma happy! Yes.

It's been quite a weekend for me and I hope there's more to come because it's only the beginning of Sunday now and I have no class on Monday and Tuesday either. Wee~

For now, I should stay happy for all those that has happened. *grin widely*

Reasons I'ma happy...

1. Jj, my BaBa lend me his DSLR!


It's Nikon D60, good enough for a beginner and I so wish that it actually belongs to me! LOL

But not anytime soon I guess but I'ma super happy that he doesn't mind lending me his for a few days. You know normally people don't lend others their DSLR because it's like their babies. Tee~

Yes! If it's me, I swear I won't lend it to anyone because it's so gonna be my baby!! *tongue* Plus those experience of having people spoiling my stuff when I lend to them. *shudder*

2. I finally have my hair dyed. It's B.L.A.C.K!



Eileen said black is the new pink! LOL

Though it doesn't make much sense but it sounds funny. *tongue*

Yeah, I've always in love with super shiny black hair since I dyed it once almost half a year ago and finally I dyed it again this time considering that my spoilt long hair is still able to take it before it seriously gonna die on me yet.

Weee!! I love my hair! Shiny black!! *heart heart heart!!!*

3. Eileen darling bought me another toy from the Doodolls collection! The pinky pirate!


I guess this is random because I don't know why she bought it for me out of a sudden when she asked me which one do I want. And when I asked her just now, she said why not. *sweat*

So... I don't know why and she said there's no need of a reason but I'ma still happy because it's so cute! Though it's pink but... I guess I don't mind much. LOL

Thank you darling!!

4. I watched The House Bunny and I love it!!


Actually the one who caught my attention the most through out the whole movie was Mona. I don't know why but she attracted me from the very beginning when they still dressed as freaks. *blush*

And when they finally like come around and have some make over, OMG! OMG! Mona was like so freaking hot! Darn it.



I actually thought she look a bit like Hillary Duff in a way. Eileen agreed. And the others somehow do look like some other celebrities, too. Shelley herself looks a bit like Britney at the beginning when the movie just started.

I kind of googled her up and then I found out that Mona was cast by Kat Dennings who is going to have a new movie coming up soon, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I'm kind of looking forward for it. Tee~

She's so hot!! *drool*


Anyway, the movie was fun! I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, I don't know why but I was craving for some bimbotic movie and it sure did satisfy my craving.

I'll definitely give a rating of 8/10 for this! Wee~ Love it.

That's all the source of my happiness for now! *laugh*

And it's time for me to K.O because I'ma gonna attend my lecturer's wedding tomorrow! Wee.


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