Saturday, October 18, 2008

suspicious. o.O

Finally I'ma updating!! Haha.

I'ma sorry that I didn't update for such a long time. *frown*

I was actually trying to have all my time doing assignment when I'm at home or else I would be out and I couldn't update even sometimes I feel like I want to.

Assignments are consistently given out and I am trying my best to finish them as fast as possible which explain why I can't even take time out to actually blog.

Plus there's nothing much interesting when everything relates to classes or assignment. Though I do go out sometimes but... I don't really take pictures anymore. *sad*

So, sometimes I just don't have materials to blog about. Except that I have caught a few movies in the cinema and I have yet to write reviews on them. *tongue*

But my schedule for this weekend is all packed and considering I don't have classed on next Monday and Tuesday, I have plans all ready for both days, too! LOL

And even next weekends, everything is planned. *happy*

But I'ma not sure if I'm able to blog about everything because it's gonna be quite rushed and I guess I wouldn't remember everything when it's over. Tee~

So... we'll see. If I have pictures then maybe... I'll remember what happened. LOL

By the way, there's something suspicious about my blog traffic. Considering that I didn't exactly updating, the traffic for these two days have suddenly shot up almost twice the normal amount.


I wonder why would that happen and I'm actually worry that if something bad is going to happen. *frown*

Though I have asked opinion from a friend and she told me that maybe all my visitors are just checking if I did update or not but it didn't really make sense of the traffic suddenly shot up twice the normal amount out of a sudden.

I just pray hard nothing bad is going to happen.

And if what my friend said is true, I'ma very sorry to those who keep checking my page but ended up with disappointment.

I'm gonna try my best to update.


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