Sunday, November 2, 2008

benny's bufday.

Ipoh Thread was having another yumcha session on Friday night like usual. 10pm was the deal but around 9pm, something popped out in my mind.

It's Benny's bufday the next day!!

So I called Carrmen up to ask her buy a cake since she was already out in Parade. Then I called others up informing them the plan.

Just a little surprise for Benny since he didn't expect any type of celebration at all. *laugh*

Everyone was there by 12am which is the perfect time for the cake. By the way, we were at McD and have already passed the cake to the people in there to keep in the fridge before Benny arrived after Carrmen and I. Tee~

There was Benny, Cymon, JS, Vicky, Aggro, Jinkinz, Mel, Carrmen and I. *grin*

Carrmen and I said we were going to the toilet and went up to the counter for the cake. (We were sitting outside.) Very soon, Mel came in with Jinkinz to buy food and help light up the candles.

Together we brought out the cake to the outside and I was looking at Benny's for some surprise face but I got disappointed.

No surprised face geh?!! *pout*



The cake was quite good.

Chocolate moist cake from Bread Legend. Tee~

Nothing much after that but that's like the first bufday celebrated in Ipoh Thread! Wee...!! *hyper*

Though it's just a very simple bufday suprise yumcha but I hope Benny is happy. LOL

Then the day after, we went for lunch together. Only the six of us though.

Went to Benny mom's stall in Canning Garden.

And we had ton of foodddddddd!!

Stuff ourselves silly! LOL

We have murtabak, yao char koay (Benny mom's yao char koay super yummy!!!), super nice and huge nasi lemak, penang char koay teow and rojak with yao char koay.






First time that I had rojak with yao char koay but it's super nice though the rojak itself is not that nice. LOL!

Aunty paid for most of the food, we weren't even fast enough. So all we get to do is say, 'Thank you, Aunty!!' *haha*

I ate so much during lunch (supposed to be brunch since I just woke up) and I didn't exactly have dinner that night.

Look at the amount of food on the table!!




End of report for Benny's bufday. LOL

I'm actually currently having war with my assignments because I have this super last minute group assignment that I'm supposed to finish by this wednesday and it has yet to be started.

I just done with my presentation slideshow which took me five hours to get it done!! So noob!

Then there's so much more assignments left to be done! I don't know why I'm rushing my hair off while I'm supposed to be one of the fastest students who hand in assignments in class. *pull hairs!!*

Yes, I reminded myself I still have a lot of drawing assignments to do! Darn.

I will update when all these crazy thing is gone and not so crazy anymore.

For now, I have to go finish whatever I can before I kill myself for not doing it.

Wich me luck.

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