Saturday, November 15, 2008

more food & crap.

Today I woke up at 10am after Vivian called asking where am I.

I was still asleep before she called and jumped right out of bed after she did. Class was at 9am!

So I managed to get there by 10.20am. Actually this lecturer doesn't really mind about whoever being late.

My eyes were swollen and itchy, so I didn't even bother try putting on contact lens. I just went with my specs. Then I slept with my hair in a bun so I've got curly hair this morning. Then when I woke up, I felt something funny in my throat, it turned out I was having a minor sorethroat, I actually sounded manly.

Long story short, I was with my specs, having curly hair and a quite manly voice this morning.

I was kinda messed up.

Then after class, I was running up searching for another lecturer when Jay saw me and said loudly, 'STELLA! What happen to you? You look so messed up!!!'

Eerr... thanks Jay for your confirmation, yes, I can confirm that I do look messed up.


But what to do? I'm so freaking rushing for all assignments.

People have been asking me whether if I procrastinated, that's why I am rushing for everything when end sem's coming.

FYI, no, I did not procrastinate at all but I might have slacked just a little but it's not my fault that this is happening now.

I don't see any particular reason that I have to explain this clearly to anyone. I just need to know the reason myself, I don't need to explain to all of you. So think whatever you want to, it doesn't concern much.

Oh and by the way, I hate people telling me what to do. As usual.

And since I'm not sleeping much these days, some people tend to be overly 'caring' and started nagging me of how I should sleep more.

It's obvious that it's not that I don't want to sleep but I really have to finish all the assignments on time. I have no choice so stop telling me what to do because you don't know anything! Darn.

I'm actually getting rather pissed off by them already. Not everyone but those few that act like they freaking care. Just shut the hell up because I don't fcuking care. Piff.

Enough of those annoying people.

Today, I'm gonna post pictures of food again!! *haha*

Yes, it's still food that I had during my previous Penang Trip. I think it's the first night where we ended up in Chili's in Gurney Plaza.

We were planning to have snack before we have dinner but it ended up being dinner because all the food portion was huge and dinner ended up being supper instead. LOL

Anyway, enjoy the food! I mean pictures. *tongue*




Look at the burger!! Super nice can?! *drool*

But what best was the chocolate molten cake! OMGOMGOMG!!

So darn nice can die dot com! LOL

There's chocolate oozing out inside when you got to the center. *slurp*

I so love chocolate, can?! *heart*

Ooops. I think I better go.

I'm going for McD breakkie again~


O'yeah. I have yet to sleep. LOL

That's why I'ma bit hyper right now.

Assignments assignments.



Michael Yip said...

wow, these photos look delicious

stella said...

haha~ chili's!! go chili's~ XD

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