Friday, December 12, 2008

1 Concert & 3 Movies.

It's been really a long long time since my last proper update. LOL

It seems like no one is complaining but only one person...

A shout out for this person...

MeiLyn you such hardcore fans of me la! You complained so many times through sms, cbox message and such lor! LOL I'ma so happy hor! Kakaka. And yeah, I finally updating ne because you complained too much. Or else I still very lazy actually.

I don't really know what to blog about... it's either nothing or too much. So much until I don't know where to start.

So I decided to go random, I just blog whatever that pops out in my mind ya.

For now... it's the F.I.R Concert I went on the 29th November 2008, few weeks back.

After the Mayday Concert that I went to this year April, I was kinda eager to go for concert again, o'course only those that I really like and think that would be enjoyable to listen live.

So when I heard that F.I.R is going to have Concert in Malaysia, I was kinda excited until I found out it's at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil which will be too big to be viewed in comfort so I gave up on the idea of going to watch.

But the concert was then postponed to end of November and venue was changed to Arena of Stars in Genting Highland instead. Can't miss it!

I once heard F.I.R Live at 8TV Summer Concert 2007 when it was held in Ipoh that year and it was great. I enjoyed it a whole freaking lot so I was having quite a high expectation on it, that's why I paid to watch it in Genting Highland this time.


But... I was kind of disappointed with it somehow. The concert wasn't as great as I expect it to be and I don't know if there's really some serious problem with my dozing time or what but I was super sleepy during the concert.

I was really wondering how would I managed to be super sleepy when the music was blaring so loud in the concert and Faye's voice was at the top of she can managed. It's just plain weird.

Maybe I can conclude that it kinda bore me except the beginning part.

It didn't really excite me until the minute the concert really started that we can feel the blood rush and goosebumps but that was just the beginning. It wasn't even for the first half hour, less than that and it started to get kinda dull.

But I have to say the lighting was great! The lighting was super nice, so much more nicer compare to the Mayday concert that I went previously. It's obvious they have more effort on the lighting compare to Mayday's one.

Other than that, I just feel like closing my eyes and dozed off. I can't help but to look at the time all the time to see how long more it's going to last. See what I mean?

Basically I didn't really enjoy myself. And I see the audiences are very obedient since nobody stood up during the whole concert and they were even reluctant to when F.I.R themselves ask them to. Compare to Mayday's, we were practically jumping for three hours straight without stop. Yeah, we were supposedly not allowed to stand up in order to not block other's view. But since everyone did, the management somehow grew tired and just let us be.

And I was at PS1 area, at the above part and yeah, I paid 200bucks for it.

Somehow my conclusion is, it's not worth it, I guess. I feel more like listening to the CD instead and with that amount of money, I can buy all F.I.R's albums, original.

I guess somehow this concert kills my mood for any other concert except Mayday's. But I don't think Mayday is coming for another concert so soon though.

So I don't think I'll be paying hundreds bucks for concert anymore anytime soon.

Done talking about the concert... let's talk about movies.

I have been super busy but still I managed to catch three movies during the period that I was really half dead.

Somehow managed to squeeze out a little time for this entertainment that I can only managed.

Twilight was on screen and I am a fans of Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer itself. Yes, I've read all four phone-book-thick novels and I love them a lot.

So it's natural that I was very excited when I know that the movie, Twilight is going to be on screen. And somehow some people said that Ipoh doesn't have it and I was a tad disappointed.

But one day that I was in Jusco, I saw that it was on!!

Twilight is on in Ipoh! So without a second thought, I dragged Vivian to catch it with me. I am not gonna miss the chance!


But before I watched the movie, I've heard some fans of the novels itself has commented that the movie might be a disappointment because of trying to squeeze in a 500pages novels into a two hours movie.

So I a little bit ready for that, I guess.

It was not surprising when I once again, feel sleepy when I was in the cinema. It's really impossible to make such a long novel into such a short movie and there's a lot of scenes that was skipped in the movie. Somehow Vivian who didn't read the novel was kind of blur of what was happening.

I, on the other hand, have already read the book and I don't even need to look at the screen to know who is who and what happens next. It's kinda boring when you know everything and personally, I think reading the novel itself is way better than watching it.

And one more thing, I don't really get it as in why all girls can't stop swooning over Edward Cullen in the movie while Jasper Hale and Carlisle Cullen themselves are so much more hotter!! *drool*

I mean really!! Look at the pictures yourself!!


I personally like Jasper a lot and second was Carlisle himself. Basically, I don't see anything to swoon about of Edward. LOL

Call me weird but really.

And I like Alice a lot, too!!

More than Bella Swan herself. Somehow she looks kinda weird to me.

I don't know, it's maybe because of the imagination I have when I read the book is quite different from the movie itself and hence I prefer my own version instead over the movie.

So the romance part of the story itself wasn't exactly shown in the movie, somehow both the main characters just suddenly were so in love with each other, they couldn't live without each other. Yeah, it's just happen like that and it kinda confused the audiences (those who didn't read the book).

The only best part of the movie is the part where Edward fight James after he lured Bella into a empty ballet studio. The only action part and it was kind of nice to watch. LOL

Yeah, I'm sadistic. I love to see blood.

I guess that's all for Twilight.

Rating... 6/10 I give.

After that I managed to watch Wild Child when I was in Kl for two days after the concert. This is one that wouldn't be on screen in Ipoh.


I was expecting some typical chick flick when I chose the movie. I simply love chick flick no matter how not girly I am. LOL

But somehow it wasn't at all a typical chick flick and it seldom touched on romance, too. It's more like a fun girly movie instead and more to comedy side. It gave us a very good laugh and not to forget the main character, Poppy is very pretty!

It talks on friendship, too. And it's quite touching in the end. And all the girls in the movie are somwhat cute, can't help but to go all wobbly over them. So cuteee~ LOL

A movie that I definitely didn't regret watching but one thing, it didn't really leave a big impact after that. It's more like, you watched, you enjoyed and that's it. No impact or anything that makes you really remember the movie or something.

But still, go catch it to those who haven't. O'course only in KL.

Anyway, a rating of 7/10 from me.

Then the latest movie that I managed to watch is Transporter 3. Managed to catch this before my final assessment week, just to relax for a bit.

I didn't watch the previous Transporter but I like Jason Statham from Death Race.

Need not I say, he's so freaking hot!!


This movie is definitely good! As in I'm not saying this comparing to the previous two but just based plainly on itself.

And yeah, we were comparing it with the latest Bond movie and... Bond sucks. LOL

This is so much better compare to the Bond and... Jason Statham is so much hotter!! *drool*

Plus there were so many yummy nice cars in the movie!! God knows what cars but super yummy yummy one! *drool gao gao* LOL


Other than that, I love Valentina in the movie a lot, too.

She has lots of freckles covering her face but... she's cute! And yeah, I had a thing for freckles and she attracts me a lot. Plus she is so adorable in the movie! Super duper cute!!


Some of the action scenes in the movie appear fake though. Like it's impossible to happen and yet, they did it. LOL

Super fake but yeah, enjoyable.

Basically, I enjoyed the movie quite a lot and I don't even mind watching second time. Tee~ It was good.

And to mention again, Frank Martin is super hot!! Drool gao gao dot com! LOL

Anyway, I would give a rating of 8/10.

And now, I might be catching Madagascar 2 tomorrow. Yes, I'ma super slow but at least I'm going to watch it soon! Ngek.

O'yeah. So I'm finally done with ma finals, as in final assessment for my 1st sem of 1st year. I'ma free bird now!

One month plus of suffers and tortures have finally comes to an end, I managed to wrap it up good and nice. I survived and I did good, too.

So I guess that's a good news.

But it's also a pressuring one as there's more expectation on the coming semester but that's gonna be the problem of three weeks later.

For now, let's enjoy the sem break! Weeee...~

Somehow I think I lose quite some sense in blogging after not blogging for such a long while. I seems to have lost my blogging style, everything doesn't seems right.

I seems awkward. Sigh.

I hope I'll come around soon, though.

I miss blogging so much.

Yeah, I'll start blogging more again but maybe you have to wait for another one week before there's gonna be regular updates in here.

That's because I'm planning a run away!!!

For a week!


Yep, I'ma running away from home for a whole week before coming back on next Friday.

I'm gonna leave to KL in about three hours time. I haven't have any sleep yet but I insist to blog! Gee.

I'm excited to be in KL again after the previous time.

I've managed to met up with some people and found some cool friends over there. Fun and cool peeps to hang out with and they are real nice.

So I am going to be there to hang out with them again and not to forget the Shah Alam gang themselves. It's been almost a year since I met everyone properly.

I hope that I get to see them again this time.

Might be meeting more new peeps this time.

I'ma kinda nervous actually.

But I guess I should go get some sleep now.

Don't expect any updates while I'm away ya!

I don't wanna disappoint anyone waiting for updates but if I could, I would try updating tiny bits when I'm in KL.


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