Saturday, January 31, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year peeps!!


I know I'ma like super late in this but it's better than never, no? *tongue*

Plus CNY is normally 15 days long so it means there's still about 10 more days to go. So I'ma not that late after all! *lol*

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates.

CNY this year has been boring.

I have no mood to do anything at all until I didn't even go out all these while except for one day. I didn't even touch ma assignment since last Friday and I didn't do anything except for sleeping a lot, I guess.


Wish I'ma gonna get back on fire soon enough. Assignments are piling up too high now and I think February is gonna be a deadly month like the last month during the previous semester.

For now, I should sleep while I still can afford to.

Good night.

p/s: I know it's too early for a good night but that's what I feel like it now. Sigh~


~tree trunk~ said...

get lotsa rest ne! u need them dear.

stella said...

lol. getting overly too much rest ne~ =P

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