Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bear Bear Season by PinkFood!

O'yeah! I wanted to blog about this earlier when I was updating but it kinda slipped off ma mind at that moment but since now I remember it I might as well post it up.

I got to know about this through Joomcool.com forum and yeah, I actually got to know the girl who designed all these.

She's such an amazing girl to talk to but that's not the point.

I'm talking her designs, so nice, can?!


I'ma not saying this just because she's ma friend but her design is really good.

She has this new t-shirt design that just pops out hot from the oven!

Super cuteeeeeeee!!!

It's the Bear Bear Season!!

Don't you think it's cute?~ ^^

Even myself is very tempted to buy but... I think it's a little bit too cute for me?


I'ma still thinking about it though.

Anyway, if anyone of you is interested, hop over to PinkFood!

There's more stuff that she designed herself in her own blog shop including t-shirts and handmade accessories!

Darn geng, darn creative ne!

I personally think she's a very talented young girl.

Everyone go support ya!!

By the way, I think the Bear Bear Season t-shirt is going to make a great gift if you are buying for someone.

Super cute!!! *hyper*

p/s: Doesn't this sound like those paid ads blog post? LOL But yeah... I'ma not being paid for this. *hint hint*

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