Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Happy Valentine's Day!!♥

I don't care what's the real purpose of Valentine's Day actually but all I know is it's a day to tell those you love that you love them!

I sent a few text to all ma friends wishing them Happy Valentine's Day and telling them I love them and it feels really good to do so, really.

Most of them replied saying they love me, too! ♥


Isn't it enough to have these peeps even if there's no date on Vday?

I definitely do think so!

All ma life I never had anyone special with me on Vday or even if I do now, there's just restriction in some ways. But that doesn't stop me from being happy on this day of love!

For the past 4 or 5 years, ma Vday was spent with mostly Bell. It started off when we were in Form4, we went shopping and having fun on Vday until Form5.

Then the next year we spent it in our National Service camp where we give chocolate to all our friends wishing everyone brightly Happy Valentine's Day! on the day itself. That of course include all our NS friends especially Carrmen who gave out Ferrero Rocher.

The following year, Bell actually dumped me on Vday to go to her tuition class. *cry*

But it's okay because last year, we were celebrating together, too! Along with Carrmen and Bell's boyfriend, Neven in Starbucks.

I even received ma first rose in ma life!

Bell bought Carrmen and me each a rose!

Just because I said I never received any rose before. Silly girl.

But I think this year Vday... I'ma gonna spend it on a battle of assignment. *lol*

No sweat though, I'ma happy enough with all ma friends's replies already.

It's not like I don't know they love me but it's always nice to be told.

If you have yet to tell anyone 'I love you!' and 'Happy Valentine's Day!', faster go wish someone now!

It's always nice to spread some love. ♥

The world is then a better place.

This post is dedicated to all ma friends especially Bell, Carrmen, Joyn, Eileen, Jj and Kristine! And also John, WoonKei, Vivian, KarWai, MeiLyn, SueAnn, Clinston, Yuyu, bla bla blaaaaaa... and all those that I did not get to mention. I love all of you guys!! ♥

Even more special to ma GummyBear, Happy 21st Bufday as well!!

Now it's your turn to go wish everyone else that matters.

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