Monday, February 16, 2009

i dunno what i talking but i had Starbucks. ^^

I'ma once back to the life where I need caffeine to help stay awake and concentrate on assignments because there's not much time left again!!

So... rush rush rush.

Basically last night was the first night I tried to stay awake this semester, the beginning I supposed.

I planned not to sleep but if so I would need breakkie in the morning to distract me because that's the time when I feel super sleepy.

But I guessed I plan the breakkie too late and I ended up sleeping for 4 hours before I woke up around 10am.

Met Vivian in McD for breakkie around 10am plus and though we would go get some stationary before heading to college for our noon class.


McD breakkie always make me a happy kid. *lol*

But I don't know why ma phone kept ringing this morning due to SMS kept coming in. I thought I just text Bell to wish her Happy Bufday.

Oh by the way, it's ma Dear Ass 21st Bufday today!!



Yeah, I text her wishing her that. *laugh*

Buthen she merajuk me saying I wish her so late.


Practically begging for forgiveness because I kept worrying about ma assignments the night before, it kept on slipping off ma mind to text her.

Then ma phone can't stop ringing after a lecturer from college called saying that our class today is cancelled.


Vivian and me were a little bit pissed.

Why always cancel class?!

And in the end, we need to attend replacement class instead.

Replacement class sucks, can?! *piff*

Plus Yuyu was in college today enquiring about stuff!! I darn missed the chance to see her. *frown*

Sigh. Since class got cancelled, we decided we should go somewhere to work on our History of Art & Design assignment.

So... guess what?


I guess need not guess, no? *super huge grin*


It's definitely Starbucks!!

I think I'ma addicted, don't you think so?

Ma last time day was like last Thursday and it felt like forever already because I have been craving for it everyday I was at home since Friday.


Damn cham I want Starbucks!

And this morning before I went out to McD, I even plurked or Facebook statused stating I'ma wishing for Starbucks.

Dream comes true!! ^^

We were there since 12pm and I guess we started talking instead of really doing assignment and we ended up being serious only after 3pm, I think.

But we have ideas of what we are going to do during sem break.

I'ma kinda excited for the idea, though it's nothing new for me. *grin*

You'll know when the time comes.

Oh! The assignment is killer!!

I don't get it, I just don't get it.

And I'ma practically stuck there.

I'ma gonna have headache looking at it, I think.

Worse, lecturer is not gonna be in college tomorrow when we have so much to ask.

She just have to cancel the class today!! *cry*

I'ma still have to get back to it after I'ma done with this.

Anyway, ma plan on last Saturday was a success! *laugh*

Don't give me blur face, only those involved will know what I am talking about. *tongue*

You wanna know?

Ask me personally! LOL

I managed to get all these kisses ♥ all the way to KL and yet I was all along in Ipoh.

Geng? *lol*


Lotsa lotsa kisses ♥ from me all the way from Ipoh!

O'course not only that.

With secret present as well! ^^


Managed to smuggle them all the way to KL from Ipoh for ma GummyBear!

Actually, I just think the two pictures above are very nice, that's why I posted it.


Basically saje only.

But it's nice, no?

*SS giler*

But I think ma camera is gonna die on me very very soon!


It keep on going haywire lately and I have to whack it before it starts to function properly again.

With all the whacking, I'ma afraid it's gonna die very very soon. Sigh.

And ma phone is dying on me, too! *sob!*

Why all gadget dying on me together?!

How am I to live?!


I need money.

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