Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rock Legends Giler.

I'ma back to the period of life where I am supposed to be rushing ma assignments day and night. I'ma trying ma best to sleep less, work on assignments more and faster.

Like now, 2am, I'ma supposed to be doing assignment but this is like the first night that I try being vampy again after going to bed at too normal time for two weeks, I'ma currently kinda having caffeine overshot.

I obviously need time to adjust back again! Darn.

Anyway, I can't exactly concentrate and worse...

I'ma super addicted to Rock Legends from Facebook!!!


Don't ask me what it is about, how to play and such. It's just super nice!!

Go try it out if you're curious enough!

Even ma GummyBear is super kan cheong giler addicted to it! *lol*

O'yeah! Thank to Bell who got me addicted. *rolleyes*

And I'ma currently on mission to try get others addicted as well! *evil*

And to those who are playing, let's battle aight! *teehee~*

For now...

I should proceed back to ma assignments before I need to run back to room at 5am and hide.

You don't wanna know why.

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