Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tag!! Do it!

*itchy itchy itchy, itchy hand wanna blog*


I am supposed to start on ma assignment since I was done with ma article for forum e-mag but I'ma sleepy.

I even took ma super duper gao Nescafe Milo ice an hour ago, ain't I supposed to be high on caffeine and not feeling sleepy at all?


But I'ma sleepy and I'ma super duper itchy-fied to blog.

Actually I planned to blog about today earlier along with pictures because I went pizza with Vivian dear today. *frown*

I managed to convince maself that I should do assignment instead of blogging earlier.

But Sandra just has to leave message at ma cBox at this time and made me hopped over to her new blog and saw that I got tagged!!!

*super duper itchy itchy itchy hand wanna blog gao gao!*

After wasting an hour time at a art forum I just found yesterday, I finally decided I should just blog a bit, do the tag and sleep!

Since it's gonna be a long day tomorrow. *sheepy grin*

So this tag that Sandra tagged me is about:-

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her.

Eerr... ten things about Sandy girl... gosh!!

It's been like ages since I talked to her and even way way longer since I last seen her.


Never mind, I'll try think 10 random things up.

1. I got to know Sandy girl randomly through Kristine but I forgot how.

2. We seldom talk online, just random bloghop to each other blogs but we met up once and we talked like mad ladies. LOL But...!!! I think she has gone missing nowadays, I don't even see her updating her blog. But yeah, she tagged me while she doesn't want to update. *frown*

3. Sandy is 3 years younger than I am if not mistaken. No mistake! Really.

4. She has this cute little white miniature poodle that I've seen once when I accompanied Jensen to fetch her back home the one time we met. Super cute, can!!

5. She is a very nice girl to talk to. (I know this sound like no.5 but yeah...) And I got easily hyper around her. It was funny thinking back the time we met. I so wanna see her again!

6. I think her boyfriend added me in Facebook, we met once but we never talk and I feel it is weird. But never mind, LOL.

7. Sandra has one thing that I super duper want gao gao!! Guess what? She ownded a DSLR. Darn!! Jealous like siao, can?~

I think I'ma stuck. *frown* Three more to go.

8. O'yeah! She once told us she has a very hip mom. So damn cool and yet... yeah, she complained it's a little bit freaky sometimes. LOL I guess I can understand that. But it's cool nonetheless.

9. I know! She's moving to a new house next month if I'm not mistaken. I remember she told me this the last time I contacted her when I was in KL last December. Yeah, we didn't get to meet because she was somewhere in Bali if not mistaken.

10. Sandy girl has a new blog url. (This sound like a cheat, but it's not! It's true she has a new blog url. *tongue*) No more gotchagirl!

Yay!! I managed! Though quite a few is like cheating... LOL

But no rules, no? *laugh*

And another part of the tag:-

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself.

I guess it's not difficult to write ten things about maself, no?

But Sandra wrote more than ten with a few repeated number 9!! Not fair.

Fine... I'll go with a real ten anyway.

1. I've recently grown super duper used to ma new nickname, Lexy/Lexis given by ma GummyBear last November due to ma nickname in forums, Alexandra. Super love it!! *kakaka* I think I might even start abandoning ma old loved nickname alletsstella. *tongue* Let's work with allets Lexy instead.

2. I think I'ma addicted to Starbucks. Starbucks keep popping out in ma mind everyday, almost can fight with the amount of time I spend thinking of ma GummyBear. *tongue* O'course not that much, just... saying. LOL And yeah, I think I'ma addicted to coffee.

3. I have this bunch of friends whom I love a lot and who are not afraid to tell me they love me! Yay! I have like a bunch of peeps who freaking love me!! *hyper* But I don't have much friends but with these peeps, who need a lot?

4. I can't stop buying gummy bear!! As in those real gummy bear which I can seriously munch on. I just need to buy them every time I go to Jusco. I'ma gonna get ma gummy bear tomorrow!!

5. O'yeah, I'ma turning 21 this year. It sucks.

6. I have friends's bufday which falls on the 12th, 14th, 16th and 18th Feb. Weird, right? 14th one is most special because... it just is. *wink* I don't care if you don't get me, I know someone knows what I mean. ^^

7. I'ma onlineeeee addict! I Plurk like siao and Facebook giler all the time, I think I can't survive one day without them! And not to forget ma blog!! So wanna pump it up, I love maaaaaaa blog!! Don't you? *tongue*

8. I own this super dramatic life that I think no one wants to be in ma shoe. O'course... I can't compare it to those who is more cham than me, can I? I'ma definitely not comparing, aight! But still... ma life story is almost eligible for making drama. LOL Especially recently.

9. I am a spoiled brat, manly princess. Don't ask me why, you don't wanna know. And o'yeah, I'ma definitely spoiled! Not in a bad way I supposed.

10. I can super manja gao gao! LOL I seriously do think it's a skill that I have but yeah if you can't stand people manja-ing to you, please don't kick me in the butt ya. Can't help it sometimes, I suka manja gao gao! *manja~* Pity ma GummyBear, no? *tee~*

Eh!! Ten already!

I think I can go on and on forever but it said ten, no?


It's alright because I still have this one tag where I am supposed to write 25 random things about maself. I'ma a liltte bit lazy for that much right now though.

Anyway, I did it!!

Feed ma itchy itchy hand bao bao now.

I think it's time to koala.

No assignment for tonight.

Or maybe I should wake up super early.

We'll see.


I forgot there's still the last part of the tag!! *smack head*

Choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names:

1. Kristine
2. Eileen
3. Yuyu
4. Vivian
5. Carrmen
6. Isabell
7. Connie
8. Jovial
9. Marissa
10. TY


Actually those people I tagged... mostly I'ma curious what they gonna write about me at the first part. LOL

I can't wait to see anyone of them doing this!

I'ma waiting, aight!

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