Friday, February 13, 2009

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Things hasn't been pretty the past days but I don't feel like staining ma blog with any super emo post. Yet.

Or maybe not at all.

But at least I do feel like blogging. Like for real.

Before I do, let's post this cute stuff.

I've heard and saw this for quite some time in quite some blogs and it seems to be quite fun.

But I didn't try to play with it until just now when I hopped over to HsuJen's blog and saw it again.

Finally decided to give it a try...

I came out with this.


Love the shoes, the bag, the skinny, the Starbucks, the shades, the lipgloss, bla bla bla...

Ain't it awesome?!

Not that I say what I compiled is awesome but the site itself! *excited*

Buthen it's fun!

Like playing Barbie in a way without the Barbie. *lol*

Anyway, it's been quite boring.

Old news. I know.

The other day, like I think last Tuesday went out with Carrmen. I forgot why we went out and what's the purpose but I've got pictures! *grin*

We had lunch at this cafe, Mamma Mia in Greentown.

I went there once like prolly two years ago. *gasp!*

Yes, two years ago.

And it's still there. *lol*

The service was bad the last time I went there but since it's been quite some time, I have been wanted to go back there and try on their food again for a while already.


We ordered orang juice and watermelon juice and tatar sticks as appetizer.

The name, tatar sticks sound like something but it's actually...

Guess what?

Harsh brown. *rolleyes*

Yes, just typical harsh brown.

But it's okay since we love harsh brown. *grin gao gao*


We even re-ordered for a second serving showed how much we love harsh brown. *lol*

Carrmen had this butter prawn rice while I ordered spaghetti carbonara after sitting there forever trying to decide what to eat.



The butter prawn rice was very tasty!

Carrmen is a butter fans. No, she's a butter fanatic. And that's like the most promising butter prawn that we ever had!

So butter-y!! *drool gao gao*

At one point I felt so tempted to hijack her meal instead. *lol*

But think for a while, I decided I should wait for my spaghetti instead.

When it arrived, the carbonara was orange-ish in colour.


Isn't carbonara supposed to be white?

Okay, I was scared.

I mean what kind of carbonara sauce is in orange colour? OMG.

I sat brave though and took a bite...

OMGOMG!!! So super duper yummy can?! *salivating!*

Yep, it was that good.

And I so want to go back for more! *lol*

But obviously not now since I'ma such a pig, let's slow down the food intake for a while at least.

So then we proceeded to dessert after we finished our main course, we had ice-cream!



I forgot it's name that's why I wrote 'chocolate icecream' as the caption. *gee*

But it's chocolate ice-cream with coco crunch and some jelly.

I know, jelly was weird.

But the chocolate ice-cream with coco crunch was so niceeeeeeeee~

So chocolateyyyyyyyyyy~ *melted*

I think Carrmen saw ma face and ended up letting me finished most of it. *laugh*

There in the cafe is a chandelier at the center of it.


Chandelier is always pretty!

Maybe not all but most the time all chandeliers are pretty!!



I simply adore chandelier, they are simply just so pretty! *love*

I think the waiter stared at me for a bit for taking pictures of their chandelier.


But what? They never see people taking pictures of chandelier before?

Ulu giler.

Aiyer! I know la, I'ma the one who looks ulu and everything but it was pretty!

I don't care.


After lunch I remember we got to Parade but I forgot why we were there.

But we settled in Starbucks after a while as I remembered we were discussing about customizing the laptop that I wanted.


I think we love Starbucks like there's no tomorrow.

Okay, fine!

I'ma the one who loves Starbucks like giler giler. *piff*

I crave Starbucks practically day and night from the minute I open ma eyes till the minute I go to bed almost every single day of ma life.


Sound like I love Starbucks more than ma GummyBear but...


I love ma GummyBear way lots than Starbucks o'course. *grin*

So we were there onlining, checking on Dell's website customizing ma lappie, talking to some friends together in Meebo and for a while Carrmen hijacked ma newly bought Seventeen magazine at that time. *piff*

But never mind...

because I hijacked her lappie and go Facebook chisin while Plurking. *evil laugh*

Proven moi a Facebook addict and Plurk, too, not much less than Facebook itself.


And before we left, we did manage to get some task done.

We finally decided on ma customized lappie, save it in chart, discussed about some stuff, Carrmen finished reading ma new Seventeen magazine, me done abusing her lappie refreshing Facebook every three minutes and bla bla bla...

which apparently I don't remember anymore what we did.

Then we left and I forgot what happened after that.


I make it sound like I have memory loss problem or something but no, I am actually perfectly fine. No memory loss problem, nothing.

But I just don't remember. *tongue*

By the way...

anyone miss ma face?

*SS gao gao*

I'ma sureeee everyone miss ma face! Right?~


The cat-eye moi!


It was me on that day.

Just... taking a chance to post camwhore picture. *lol*

And now you can click the x button on the top right of your windows if you don't like it.

But it doesn't matter, no?

You've seen it anyway!


O' by the way, I'ma sorry that you have to bear with the over hyperness in this post, it's due to the Espresso Frap I took this evening.

O'course, it's Starbucks!


kennhyn said...

I totally forget wat I want to comment, when I saw the picture of you, your eyes is big, mesmerizing.. haha

stella said...

XD thank youu~

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