Monday, March 16, 2009

tipu-tipu entry. ^^ PICTURES TIME!


I'ma back! Updating!


Sorry for being missing for almost... a month?

Yes, one whole month if you do not count those tipu-tipu entries as what Yuyu said.

Life has been... boring!

Gee. Supposedly hectic but yet... I slept a lot and life hasn't been really good.

And every time someone asked me 'How are you?', I seriously didn't know how to answer.

Am I supposed to say, 'No, I'ma not fine.' or should I just lie and say, 'Yes, I'ma fine.'

Mostly I ended up replying with the latter one because most people ask that question just out of politeness, it's not like they really want to know if I'ma not fine or what.

So why not save everyone some trouble by just saying, I'm good. *smile*

Anyway, I'ma done with ma 2nd semester, did well in assessment, finished off two exam papers and ta-da! I'ma on holiday now. Just two weeks time but I learnt from the previous time not to complain that it's not enough.


Because I had three weeks of sem break the previous time and I complained that it wouldn't be enough but I ended up rotting maself up at home for two weeks in the end. It sucks.

But it seems to be better this time since its two weeks and most days are planned, and so I would have stuff to do or at least I need to really clean ma room up. *lol*

By the way, I went spamming madness at just now went I blogged halfway until the previous sentence and came back two hours later then... I forgot what that I wanted to blog about just now! *lol*

So I'll just post some oudated photos ya!


There was this day, I forgot when that I went to Pizza Hut with ma Dear, Vivian for lunch in between classes.

Wonder why of the sudden hypeness to get Pizza Hut! *lol*

It's ma first time of Pizza Hut this year! And...

it still sucks! Boo-hoo!

Yeah, yeah, I'ma meanie. *blerk*

Anyway, here come the pictures...

Food sucks but pictures are niceeeeeeeeee, so don't waste ya. *grin*







Lastly, a picture of ma Dear!! Gee.


With her bangs like that, I always like to take picture of her as if she's a doll. Kakaka!!

And then here we have the pictures of a Bufday celebration of two coursemates of mine, Terence and Eliza. It's their 21st and also 20th Bufday!

We had sing K session but unfortunately only about half the gang was there.

Some FFK!! So not nice. *piff*










Anyway, the pictures say it all! No need for words, no?

Or the fact that I'ma getting lazy to type! *sly smile*

Sorry cause I'ma kinda sick with the routine of telling first we went to this and that, and then we proceed to this and that, then we do this and that, bla bla bla...

So boring!

So yeah, let's cut that part off and just look at the pictures will you? *tongue*

But these have to be mentioned separately!

You ask why?

Because they are our camwhore pictures!!!

Don't you miss ma face? *evil laugh*


No no no. Obviously this is not me.

It's Vivian!

Don't you think she looks like a doll?

Cause I did the make up and hair! *proud*

And here comes...


It's Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Sorry for the hyper-ness.

I didn't camwhore for ages, can?!

Forgive me ya. *blush*

Don't ask me where was it.

I'ma not gonna tell you we were in the ladies!!

No way I'ma gonna tell you that.

*act like nothing happen*



Ma Dear looks stunning in the last picture, right?

Proud giler.

Told ya! I did the make up and hair!


That's all for now!

I seriously think YuYu gonna scold me saying this is another tipu-tipu entry again!


Sorry can't help it! Ngek.

That's all for now!

Pray hard that I have all ma blogging mojo back with me so I'll update asap!

*finger crossed*

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