Monday, March 16, 2009


How ignorant some human can be.

I just posted there in ma blog that 'No, life is not good' and there it goes people came asking me 'Hey, how's life been? It seems to be enjoying your life, am I right?'


Can they be even more ignorant than this?


Me doesn't rant of how sucky ma life have been doesn't make ma life good. And to be using the word, enjoying?

Yeah, you could put it that way if all the emotional break downs are what you meant to be enjoyed.

Sorry for the sarcasm, can't help it.

But whatever way people want to see ma life is...

it's not like anyone is going to understand.

Except those who act like they do.

Just a short rant.

For those being ignorant. *piff*


joshuaongys said...

i jz purposely asked u dat hehehe

stella said...

such a meanieee~ *pout*

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