Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fool... Cool Stuff!!

It's April Fool...!!

And I need to go 'hang qing'. Though they said at 7am yet... no sound until now.

Is it one of the April fool trick? I hope not. *lame*

Anyway, I hate April fool, especially when I got prank.

I super hate it when I got prank!!

I swear I'll hold all grudges I possibly could to those people who actually succeed in pranking me! *piff! geram face*


Sorry I just pop out out of a sudden when I went MIA for a while now again. *blek*

FYI, I'maaaaaaa busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~

So yeah, be right back!

I wonder when...

And o'yeah! Class just started again just for one day now... and I'ma already half dead.

You see how busy I am? *act busy*

I'maaaaaaaa brain super half-paralysed now! *muka cacat*

So be patient with me aight!

Will be right back soon with some cool stuff!

And I say...

Cool stuff!!!!!!

So watch out! *lol*


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