Monday, April 27, 2009

i'ma back. maybeee.

*lack of update alert*

I'ma finally pen-ing down something! Like I write but yeah, you know what I mean...

Anyway, let me explain why I've been missing for... so long. Very very long, I forgot how long.

First of all... it's the same ol' reason. I'm sure everyone is bored and can tell me the reason back already by now. One word, ASSIGNMENTS.

Not like I am so busy till I have no time to write a short post but... it's the guilt.

It's just complicated.

And second thing was... I was admitted into the hospital like two weeks back because of dengue. Fever, fever and fever for five days, some rashes kinda red spot thingy appeared on second day.

Then they say it's some kind of measles, which Chinese call the fake measles.

So alright, got the medicine, went back home and on the fifth day, when fever was gone some kind of red blood splotch kinda thingy started to appear scarily under ma skin.

Yeah, it was so much, it wasn't dot like anymore that's why I explain them as some red blood splotch kinda thingy.

Sorry, I forgot to take picture since I was practically half dead lying on bed most the time and crawling almost anywhere if I were to move.

On the sixth day, I was back to the doctor and was advised to take blood test. So went to the hospital and got admitted.


Doctor said I should stay for three days at least but two blood tests results turn out negative which means I am already recovering, I got out a day earlier.

I hate the needle thingy stuck to ma hand. *pout*

It's so irritating and annoying, I'ma so restricted! Damn.

And it's still a little bit painful now after a week it was taken off.

Some nurse was smart enough to actually lie to me that no needle was inside ma skin.


Like I'm dumb enough to believe.

I'm not even scared of needle to begin with.

Anyway, back to the topic, so I was discharged and I missed a whole week of class.

Which means more datelines! Shorter time! *horror*

Rush rush rush rush, it's just never ending.

I'ma always too guilty to blog though I do have something to blog sometimes.

Now I tend to just forget about them because I am too guilty to blog. *frown*

But I checked ma traffic earlier after not checking for weeks, it seems like everyday I still have an average of 20 visitors per day. *grin*

Thanks to those who still comes in here!

Though it's kinda abandoned already.

I'll try update more though.

Short post better than none? *smile*

But that's all for now.

I still need to go back to the doctor later.

Another and also the last blood test this morning.

Wasting ma time anyway.



vivi-angel said...

dear dear later on u still need go back to hospital to take your report ner!

stella said...

already checked ne.
still need another blood test 2 weeks later.

Anonymous said...

love u bee!! take care yea...

sakit hati see dat pic ne.... T_T

stella said...

ne chill okieeeeeeeee. *hugs*

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