Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1st Photoshoot Outing

Busy busy days never seems to come to an end.

Old news.

I'ma still busy as ever.

But now I'ma having photography class and we're supposed to take pictures but... there's always theory in class and I wonder why is photography class only about theory? *frown*

So we have to have our own photoshoot outing in order to do our assignments given.

I am using a SLR actually and Vivian borrowed mine just to learn.

We have a outing last Saturday, only the three of us, Vivian, Eugene and me.

We went to Dr. Park and Vivian and I both used up a roll of film each using ma SLR. Though we also did shoot using Vivian's DSLR so if those pictures in SLR are not approved, we still have back up.

But I'ma very excited to look at those pictures taken using ma SLR though! *grin*

Anyway, only pictures of us behind the scene kinda thing instead of the photoshoot pictures here. *tongue*

I don't exactly look nice. I mean those pictures that they take of me is not nice but I will choose some to post. If I don't get slack off again. *lol*

We camwhore-d for a bit after a while cause it was getting so hot and I was sweating like a pig. So emo about that. *piff*

But ma camwhore skill using a DSLR wasn't bad since I had some practice when Jj lend me his DSLR. Teehee~



Then Eugene and Vivian started shooting each other... Vivian was using ma SLR. I wonder what they were doing...


And Vivian trying to get some nice pictures of the scenery there for our free title assignment. *lol*


And then we got bored... cause the sun is quite high in the sky already and most pictures taken using the setting set for the assignments are mostly over exposed.

Make me emo! Especially while Vivian is wearing white. *sweat*


Since we can't do much already and it's getting hotter and hotter, we decided to leave. *frown*

I wasn't even done taking pictures but too bad... I don't own a DSLR. Yet. *praying hard*

Then Vivian and I went to Starbucks since I have a date with YewYew. *bigbiggrin*

We just simply hang out for a bit, talk and camwhore-d with the DSLR.

Though I do think I did not talk enough with YewYew. Sorry dear!




Love the pictures where ma hair look so long!

Or indeed, they are really long. *lol*

The longest strand are reaching ma waist! Teehee~

I can't wait to go to salon soon. Though I'll need to rebond them again before I could do anything to them.

Anyway, a picture of me taken by Vivian.

Seldom I post pictures of me taken by other people as they are usually not nice. More like I don't normally look nice~ Gee.


While most the time I kept taking pictures of Vivian, here is one I found very nice.

This is cropped though for the best effect.

Nice if were to use as a blog banner or forum signature. *grin*


That's all for now as I've even more pictures to be posted.

Maybe... or maybe not.


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