Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Ruby.

Finally I bought a new phone to replace ma already long gone siao phone, SonyE W580.

Replaced with SonyE W705 now but...

seems like it's just another siao phone.


But it looks good, no?~

Too bad it doesn't match ma baby lappie as ma baby lappie is in white. T___T

But this metalic ruby red is just so sexy, no?

Let's call it Baby Ruby.



Look so yummy!! *drool*

Anyway, why I say it's a siao phone because I just got it last Thursday and...

soon enough it started going crazy.

Didn't ring when someone called, not even showing miss call. Just nothing but on the other line, it did get through.

Giler, right? *hitwall*

And it couldn't really detect Wi-Fi outside except ma own Wi-Fi at home. Like... wtf.

The friend whom I bought the phone from ask me to master reset and try again, if there's any more problem then I'll have to send it back to service center.

Damn. Not even a week I bought it.

But other than that, I guess ma Baby Ruby sexy looks just make up for everything. *grin*

*happy* Sexy Baby Ruby~

Ma Baby Drug go jealous I call ma Baby Ruby as Baby. *lol*

So cute.


Jackie Loi said...

lol u r giving ur gadget a name XD..cool..have d habit like mine..haha

alLets' Lexy said...

actually i just do it for the sake of bugging ma friends and ma bf. =P

they got irritated by it. LOL!

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