Saturday, May 30, 2009

i don't belong.

Learn some new stuff for Photoshop in Computer Graphic Class today. Something... useful I would say. lol

Something I always wanted to learn but don't know what it is. Seriously, I like Photoshop much more better than Illustrator.

I just suck in Illustrator.

Something simple in class I did today.

As lecturer asked us to find a black and white portrait and fill in the colour.


I kinda like what I did.

I filled the colour for her eyes, lips,nails, ring, the hair and a bit of the background.

Love the hair colour most, I wonder if there is such colour hair dye.

But anyway, didn't do anything with the body as I'm too lazy to do it.

But I like how it turns out to be.

Anyway, here's the original picture.


I got this picture from deviantART but forgot to copy the url as well. But it's already watermarked, I supposed it's okay to use.

That's all for ma class today.

Actually, I've been itching to blog for few days already but ma thought is quite everywhere, I don't even know where to start.

So many random stuff, so many that I wanna complain, so many that I wanna rant about, so many that I don't remember what they are anymore.

Practically almost everything make me emo. Thoughts coming one by one, leaving one by one. More like passing by in ma mind and I don't even think more about any of it in case I go in serious depression mode.

And when they just get too much, I went to bed.

Hence explain why am I blogging so early again.

Just because I went to bed at around 11pm to prevent maself from turning into an emo bitch, then I woke up at 2am plus when ma Baby Drug finally got home.

Until now... I didn't know what to since I didn't bother to even look at ma assignments, I think I Facebook quite a lot and then went back to room and started doing random stuff like... searching for tattoo pictures and such.

Till I seriously am bored and even the rain stopped raining, I actually curled ma hair at 6am in the morning.

I know, sound insane.

Maybe I really am.

Then there's nothing to do again while I was craving for breakfast, I checked ma whole phonebook list and confirmed maself that I really have no one to call in Ipoh.

I ended up getting back to study room and I don't remember what I did until I decided to play with ma SLR and start wasting some film.

Wasted a 12 film roll in about... one hour I think. Not sure how long I took.

Then finally raided the fridge to find any breakfast-possible-target and found eggs and also sausages.

Done with breakfast and I ended up feeling like a sleepy pig.

Damn. Food just make me sleepy.

I have so much to do and yet... I feel like I have nothing to do.


What a life.

I feel damn bitchy these few days anyway.

Didn't bother to talk to anyone and when MSN gone bonker for few days, I didn't even bother to try connecting once.


What the hell is wrong with me.

Feeling damn fcuked up.

Someone told me that I don't belong here.

I know, and seriously everyone knows, I really don't belong here.

I supposed I don't even belong in this country.

I don't belong in this place where I have spent ma whole life in, where I was born in.

Now I felt like I don't belong anywhere.


Wait... why do I sound so emo? Wtf.

I ain't even emo.

Is this what we call pre-bufday-symptoms?


I don't wanna grow up!!


I think I should go to bed soon.

Then wake up and start planning for ma weekends.

Though it would be half weekends gone by the time I am awake.

But whatever.

It's ma life, ma way of living.


яіи†akase said...

WAHHH D: I like the hair colour also :X hehs! ^__^

Enjoy your life? o__o :l

alLets' Lexy said...

haha! really wish to get that colour if possible~ XP

eh... some ppl say its messing up ma life. lol.
whichever way they wanna put it~

breadpitt said...

hey , this look nice the purple were great;-) lifes goes on girl, emo is ok btw..we are human;-) guess u felt better after releasing out in words on your Alets lexy blog;-p

alLets' Lexy said...

thanks breadpitt and yeah, did feel a tad better writing everything out.
and surprise that someone actually understand what i am trying to say when maself don't. haha~

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