Monday, May 25, 2009

i Rike. Coffe Bean shoot.

Nothing much been up since last Wednesday which means ma days were practically super duper boring.

Hence explains the lack of update.

Been practically sleeping ma days off since Friday till Sunday.

Only went out on Saturday night to shop a bit with Carrmen and went yumcha with the kakiS.

Been hiding away from assignments since then...

and that explains why I have been sleeping that much.

But class starts again today. *frown*

Mid sem break seriously didn't do me any good at all.

But at least there's classes now.

I don't know if I were to be glad or not.

I have like tons of assignments pilling up on me and yet...

I have yet to touch them. I rather blog. *lol*

Today photography class is as boring as usual with all theories but no practical until now.

I wonder if we are gonna have some class trip to shoot some nice pictures or not. *frown*

By the way, I seriously pray hard that ma principal will never find ma blog. *tongue*

O'yeah~ Ma principal is also ma lecturer for photography class, that's why!


But it's not like she doesn't know.

I always tell her that her class is boring. *tongue*

But since I have yet to get a DSLR, I only have ma SLR with me which I am quite reluctant to use as it's quite expensive when it comes to buying and developing the film.


Can seriously pokai if I use ma SLR all the time.

Luckily Vivian brought her DSLR to class today so we went to Coffee Bean after class.

One is because I am super duper hungry giler gao gao dot com, two is because I wanted to shoot some photos for ma photography assignments.

But ended up... I'ma not sure if there's any pictures that suits ma assignments title but there are quite a few that I really like. *big big grin*

The Coffee Bean logo is actually tweaked with Photoshop.

I flipped it using Photoshop and so it looks like its taken directly from the from. Actually it was taken in the shop itself, so it was supposed to be in mirror view.

Some pictures were edited for contrast while some did not.








Now am seriously wondering if I should change ma few assignments that's already handed in with these shots instead. *sigh*

If I keep getting better shots every time then I will be changing ma photography assignments till the end of the semester.



I don't know but I rike. ^^

Can't wait to get ma new baby DSLR soon!

Seriously can't fcuking wait already!

I want camwhore take nice nice pictures!!



iriene said...

I like the first photo very much!
'The Coffee Bean Mug' photo is perfect for Coffee Bean advertisement in their pamplet cover, Billboards, and magazine.
Seriously nice! Hope someone from
Coffee Bean corporate branding w spot ur photo =D Good Luck!

Jemsen said...

I love photography too. But I have no practical knowledge .. so I just
snap using my normal digital camera
whenever I find nice things/scenery to capture. Any tips? Your photos is really professional with different exposure, techniques, etc.

alLets' Lexy said...

@ iriene, hello there. thanks so much~ haha. but yeah, hope they will maybe spot those pictures and some dreams come true for me. =P

@ jemsen, hey! that's overly exaggerating! i'm just a beginner in photography. haha~ but thanks for the compliment. i jut started learning anyway and... i supposed it's all about passion and trial & error? or else, go read some photography mag might help, too. ^^

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