Saturday, May 16, 2009

lepak Starbucks.

Carrmen and I are now in Starbucks! ^^


I went back to college this morning to finally hand in ma assignment which is supposed to be due this week. Saturday is still this week, right? *tongue*

All dolled up and I think Miss Annie went o.O a bit when I stood in front of the office door waiting for someone to open it for me. LOL

What so scary, Miss Annie?? lol.

Anyway, lepak a bit in Jusco with Bell and Carrmen before we bored our mind off and... ended up makan-ing for the second time after having Kenny Roger's and then McD.

Finally at about 3pm plus, we sent Bell back and headed to Starbucks.


Am actually quite bored with Starbucks drink already as I mostly only drink Frappuccino and only those with caffeine so there's only about four choices for me.

And... four choices only... bored ady. *frown*

I would like to try on Coffee Bean now plus for almost the same price, they have like a bigger size drink. And... way lots more choices when comes to ice blended. *drool*

But... Coffee Bean is not as comfy as Starbucks if we were to be there for long hour. Damn.


Look at her face, she looks like she gonna sit there till Starbucks close, right? *tongue*

Hence, that's why we're back in Starbucks though we were in Jusco where Coffee Bean is. Gee.


See the amount of stuff we brought here? lol.

Like we gonna camp here for nights. XD

But I always ended up not going anything except online.

Yeah... like right now, I am blogging. Teehee~


O'yeah, we were sitting right near the entrance when we got here because all the sofa seats inside were full and we were eyeing them desperately for a while until some chap got up and left.

Practically rushing over to mark our territory far inside.

And also a much more bigger and comfy Starbucks green sofa. *grin*

I was already ready to blog when I got all the pictures above edited but... Carrmen just have to go buy this sandwich which just make some ideas pop out right from ma brain.

And... wanna see what I did??



Meow Meow sandwich! ^^


Ma first cute food which means drawing cute expression on food.

Ain't it cuteeeeeee???

So cute!! XD

O' by the way, there's this guy who walked in just now and sat right beside us... and both of us were practically drooling over his Metallic Ruby Red Sony Vaio laptop until...

he open it and...

I freaking saw some flower emblishment near the keyboard!!! *gasp*

Like wtf hahahahahaahahhahaa!!!

So damn funny when I saw those and look right back at him and... *burst out laughing!*

Okay, I didn't.

But I did laugh. *tongue*

Damn funny can. LOL

But too bad Carrmen can't see from her position almost right opposite him. Tee~


I have this urge to tell him 'Hey, your lappie look pretty with those flowers~' and go ^^.


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