Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*poke poke*

Watch the video ya!

The kitty damn cute!!! *pinch pinch*

It actually reminds me of how I disturb ma Baby Drug especially when he's sleeping. *tongue*

*poke poke poke* lol

And also how he always say he's a baby puppy and I'ma baby kitty.

I know laaa puppy and kitty are ady baby but... we like ar! *tongue*

I miss ma Baby Drug!

But damn... stucked in college library now.

By the way, Tambun Library sucks. They don't even have one single book about graphic design!! Like wtf! URGH!

That's why I am back here. I actually told ma lecturer I might change title. But it seems like I can find a few books now regarding ma topic so I think it would be fine.

Just pray hard that I could get ma assignment Introduction part done today.

I so need caffeineeeeeeeee nowwwww.

Starbucks come to me pleaseeee.


Anonymous said...

nw i know y u like it.... lolx.. juz like ma bee ne!!

alLets' Lexy said...

neee... cute right?~ =P

*poke poke*

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