Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Traditional Packaging done!

-update at the bottom-

Say Yay!!

I'ma finally done whacking ma Traditional Packaging assignment! *weEee~*

Yeah, been delaying it again and again for a while now already.

Dragging for it though it wasn't that difficult to get it done but if to do a great job, it's not easy either.

Actually already handed in to lecturer on Monday but she said it's better if I can repair some parts of it so that it doesn't look so 'worn'.

But yeah, finally gao dim everything tonight!

Final product is ready!


Though it wasn't that good but I love it! *laugh*

Kinda excited since I got it done already.

There's another packaging assignment to do and...

I'ma seriously dragging it again.

*kick packaging assignment aside*

There's so many more assignments waiting for me!!

Damn typography gives me headache.

And I seriously need a DSLR! *cry!*

O'yeah. I totally forgot about ma computer graphic assignments.



Update for ma Traditional Packaging as someone gave an idea in ma blog comment, I lined the Chinese character with gold lining.


It does definitely look better than before now. ^^

Thank you breadpitt for the idea!!

And Sifu asked me to take a picture of the packaging being opened, here's a rough one.


Already posted it in forum, ma thread regarding this assignment. ^^


breadpitt said...

looks great... but the word were blend into the background as a result dint stand out, suggest gold outline for the word ;-p personal opinion ,no offend ok ;-o home town were near yours too...kampar;-p

alLets' Lexy said...

hey thanks for the idea! didn't thought of that for a while~ XD
and thanks for dropping comment~ ^^

яіи†akase said...

Wah, nice :DD I like how it can be opened :X (ROFL say until like I'm getting married, hah!)

Perhaps you can add some glitters on the word too? lalalars ~

alLets' Lexy said...

rin! if u getting married, i give that to you aight?! lol. XD

nahhh... no glitter, not traditional enough. =P
but thanks anyway and handed in ady la~

Yumie said...

Love it dear! <3 I like the choice of colours and the simplicity of it all. Good work!

Love from another kitty~ Mew. >w<

alLets' Lexy said...

thank you yumieeeee dear~ XD

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