Friday, May 8, 2009

Unhealthy lifestyle of mine?

I lost ma thought.

It seems like I never blog about whatever thought that I have for a while already. I used to just pour everything out in ma mind.

But no matter how much I wanted to nowadays, I just didn't do it.

I wonder why...

Like yesterday, some net friend whom I got to know from forum was talking to me quite often on MSN lately was acting a little bit too caring for me.

I am not claiming anything but I just don't feel comfortable with people whom I am not close with asking me to promise him or her that I would take care, that I would not get sick or such.

It all started because he complained that ma lifestyle now is a very unhealthy one.

Honestly, which youngsters at ma age would be actually leading a completely healthy lifestyle? Even those who are older and supposedly to have a far more mature thinking than me are not exactly leading a healthy lifestyle to begin with.

It's not that I want to compare but this is life, this is how people nowadays lead their lives.

As for me, who didn't know when it comes to being unhealthy?

But I am not going to the extreme like being a real alcoholic, or a serious smoker. I don't binge on fried food, fast food, snacks or such every single day. What else that I don't...

I don't do drugs, and what else.

Though all I ever do is being a nocturnal. Who does not go through the nocturnal stage ever in life? Or I am just plain too nocturnal for everyone.

But when I go extreme nocturnal, it's not because I have fun from it. Who doesn't like sleeping? I do. But I am busy, just trying to do ma work and settle with all task as soon as possible at the same time trying to do a good job in every single part.

I won't say I have a very high standard when it comes to ma work but I believe in quality and I want to do it the best as I could.

Can't blame me for not sleeping, can you?

Also, all I ever take too much... I don't even know if it's too much or I am just normal like those normal people who take coffe everyday. Yes, I am talking about caffeine intake.

The amount of caffeine per day I have has already decreased compare to those time when I was still in ma first year first sem. I took thick coffee every single day and... up to about three cups per day. I would say... that is extreme.

But now, I only take max a cup a day and I don't take it everyday anymore. Plus I don't even make ma own coffee at home anymore. Just got sick of them.

I just ask for extra shot when I got for Starbucks or extreme for Coffee Bean. But apart from there, I don't exactly take coffee.

So now tell me how unhealthy am I when it comes to caffeine intake? If I am taking too much, then what about those who drink coffee every single day in their lives?

Other than that... what so unhealthy about me? I wonder.

Then why some people just have to act like I am going to die soon with such lifestyle or I am going to have cancer.

It's not like I care but it's making me feel guilty everytime someone just have to make me promise them not to do this and that.

I wonder if I hurt them when I don't promise, I don't wanna hurt anyone especially those that I really do care of.

At the same time, it's not like I don't want to listen to them but... there are reasons behind of why I am leading ma life that way.

Plus I have no complain. I love ma life enough.

Oh and another thing I could think of being not healthy is the way I eat.

I don't eat on time, I don't eat follow by meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner. I might not eat for too long hours, or I might start taking food in too often.

This, I can't blame on anything because... perhaps it's ma choice? Or I can actually blame it back to as I don't sleep enough and on time either, so I can't take ma meal like a normal person does.

Anyway, I just don't like it when people whom I am not even close with starts poking their fingers into the way I live and act like they know everything.

I love ma life and I live ma own life.

Plus I can't live on routine. I will die living on routine.

It's not fun, it's no drama.

Healthy lifestyle seriously does equal to routine and I can't deal with that.

People just simply don't understand or... people like ma family and ma Baby Drug simply just care for me sincerely.

But anyhow, no matter who or why, I just can't make a promise as to live ma life a routine to a healthier one. That alone is enough to kill me.

Just please don't kill me.

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