Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cutieeeeee Robot.

Few weeks back, I ordered this cute handphone dangling thing from one of ma seniors along with Carrmen.

I realised some of ma seniors are very fond of clay. I wonder why...


But they are super cute!

I think her current designs are only gingerman and robot.

I finally got them today!

Can you see those two little cute dang thereeee??



Damn cute, right?~

I think it's RM9 each and we chose our own colours! Wee~

But we added our names and it cost another RM10 each for customizing.


Carrmen's one seems nicer eh! *piff*

But never mind... make her go Starbucks with me before I will pass her the cute dang. *evil laugh*

Anyway, I was trying to find ma senior's link but I realised she didn't update most her sites lately and hence no picture of this cute robot from her.

And I have been scratching ma head wondering where should I link her instead.

No choice but just to link to her outdated blog shop. *tongue*

White Love Grey, if you're interested maybe you can leave her a message in there?

Just leave a comment or something though I am not sure if she will reply. *lol*

Or leave me a message or comment here instead? Then I can direct it back to her?

Aiks. Why am I thinking so much? *sweat*

Anyway, one more closer look at ma cuteeeee red robot!

Damn nice for ma Baby Ruby phone. *grin*


Anyway, I've finally settled with ma DSLR issue.

I've officially bought ma DSLR!!

You wanna see ma new baby DSLR, don't you?~

It's Canon EOS 450D!!

But too bad... I have yet to get it on hand yet. *frown*

Will need to wait till maybe latest Friday to get it.

And I got the Canon zoom lens 55-250mm for RM800! Eeeee~

Original price is about RM1k plus but yeah, they having some promotion kinda thingy.

Also a very nice and canggih tripod along with a not-so-DSLR-looking-bag. *lol* But it's kinda huge, and I was thinking maybe if I take that bag then I wouldn't need to bring ma handbag instead. Nice planning? ^^

Other than that... got ma film developed and very disappointed. Most of the pictures are blur, I don't understand why.

Enough lighting though indoor and shutter speed was quite fast, too. I wonder why blur, did ma hands really shake that badly? *sob*

But never mind, ma baby DSLR coming soon then it wouldn't be too much problem. I hope.

That's all for now and here's an update of ma to-do-list.


- decide and confirm on DSLR
- send film to develop
- get blather to format desky
- start on tattoo design
- research on logo design
- research on name card design
- research on signboard design
- research on flyer design
- figure out name card printing quotation
- hang out with Joyn (back from KL)
- hang out with Fran (back from Singapore)
- ma Baby Drug is coming!!
- presents hunt for the 3 June babies in class
- BBQ party for all 4 June babies in class
- decide on tattoo session (maybe not)
- plan for Mom's bday and dad's day


vivi-angel said...

Good news that you hv your new Babie DSLR and zoom lens.

Why add more research on name card design, flyer design, and figure out name card printing quotation geh?

mknace said...

but i see u still got plenty to do
good luck

alLets' Lexy said...

vivi dear, coz just figure i need to do those few more instead of poster.
no more poster but add in name cards and flyers name.

mknace, thanks there~ ^^
sweet of you.

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