Tuesday, June 2, 2009



- decide and confirm on DSLR
- send film to develop
- get blather to format desky
- start on tattoo design
- get idea on poster design
- research on logo design
- hang out with Joyn (back from KL)
- hang out with Fran (back from Singapore)
- ma Baby Drug is coming!!
- presents hunt for the 3 June babies in class
- BBQ party for all 4 June babies in class
- decide on tattoo session
- plan for Mom's bday and dad's day

Assignment List.

- small aperture effect
- high angle of view
- low angle of view
- freezing effect

Visual Communication
- magazine re-design
- information self-portrait

Basic Packaging Design
- children pack (reusable)

Basic Typography
- symbols made of its own initial letter
- words into animal

History of Graphic Design
- art poster

Basic Computer Graphic
- Adobe Illustrator: 6 student's characters
- Adobe Photoshop: black&white to colour

I have been slacking... not because I have nothing to do at all but it wasn't that much.

And suddenly, *wham!!* everything pours on. *faint*

Everything listed is expected to be done in these two weeks times. Which means by ma bufday.

Hmm... half of the assignments are due after that, so can ignore for a bit but still... *hitwall*

Suddenly so busy, happy or not?

I wonder.

Anyway, happy thing first!

I think I am starting to love deviantART. Geez.

I know I am slow. I already have an account since 4 months back if not mistaken and I didn't post anything until today.

Managed to post some artwork and photography in it.

Geez. Love ma deviantART, alLets-Lexy.

Can't wait to get ma DSLR!

And I managed to make ma college to plan a trip to Urbanscapes! *all fingers crossed*

Pray hard for me for it to succeed!!

O'by the way, look at all the subjects that I am taking this semester.

A total of 6 subjects is damn a lot, can?!

Somehow the other day, one of the lecturer told us that, if one semester where a student have more than 15 credit hours and if he/she have got a CGPA of 3.5 or higher, he/she will get a Creative Award.



Means I have to get a CGPA of higher than 3.5! *hitwall*


Must get, okay?


*run back off to assignments*

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