Friday, June 5, 2009

Yay-ness for Urbanscapes!



I am going for Urbanscapes 2009!


Though I can't be there for the whole 12 hours though. *frown*

But at least better than none at all, right?

Ma college has finally came out with a poster about the one day trip to KL for the Bird Park and also Urbanscapes.

Eeeeee...~ Hope nothing's gonna go wrong and the trip is gonna be successful!

Geez! *hyper*

Now I can't wait for 35 peeps to confirm they want to go, pay and violaaaaaa, confirmed jadi weh! lol.

And they are like 7 lecturers going inclusive of those who are fun to hang around with.

Bleh nak kacau lecturer skit~ lol!

And even happier, Bell is meeting me for Urbanscapes! *grin*

Now only waiting for confirmation from Carrmen.

I am so excited, I even made an event page for this trip in Facebook using PIA group but... when I got into PIA group, I realised there's no admin.


Who was the creator of that anyway?

And he/she actually lari-ed??

Damn sweat.

And there's not even 30 members in the group.

Hey! Though PIA is small but takkan la 100 students also don't have from the past and present. Wth.

But never mind, I took over and I am the admin now. *lol*

The only down side, I don't have enough contacts of PIA students. Just hope coursemates are gonna help spread the words.

Now cross all your fingers and to those who are gonna be at Urbanscapes, hope I'll see ya guys there!

Anyway, it's not even 7am now.

Sigh~ I seriously do think healthy lifestyle is not good.

I actually slept normal for the past few days or... more like way too early for normal people but yeah, I slept around 10pm for the past three nights if I was not mistaken and I ended up waking around 4 to 5am every morning.


Healthy giler kan?

And it's super giler boring nak mati lor!!!

It's not even nice and I got hungry faster but there's no food at home and there's no one who is up this early to accompany me go breakkie.

Or more like early or not, there's still no one in Ipoh for me. *emo*

I even went for McD breakkie alone yesterday morning right before class.

Guess I'll rather switch back to ma super nocturnal lifestyle soon.

Maybe in a day or two.

And now, I can't wait for ma Baby DSLR!!! *scream!!*

Yeah, still hasn't get called by the DSLR guy. Damn.

And he said latest by Friday!

I want ma Baby DSLR!!! *kancheong*

What to do. Wait somemore lor.

And gonna give him a call this noon, I think.

Now... I need to wait like 3 hours more before meeting Carrmen for Starbucks session.

Didn't have ma caffeine's ♥ for quite some time. *excited*

O'by the way, I don't know why lately I have this weird feelings where I feel like writing something. Like maybe... some article kind of stuff? *lol*

Don't ask, I don't know why the sudden urge either.

But I didn't really give it a thought as ma to-do-list is way too long for me to actually think of other stuff like... writing?

Since when I write anyway?

O'course except blogging, it's different.

But no worry, I will have ma chance to write soon. *sarcasm*

I am planning to maybe get ma History of Graphic Design assignment done by next Wednesday latest.

So today I am gonna work on Chapter 2 while hopefully, I can at least finish that chapter by today before proceeding to Chapter 3 which is the analysis part where it's more like I have to write on ma own. *cry*


Just pray hard that the procrastinator of me wouldn't work so hard today and the day after also the day after the day after. *lol*

While to-do-list for today...


- figure out KTM timetable for KL - Ipoh - KL for weekends

- call to ask about ma Baby DSLR
- check out hand-held laptop pouch
- meet Carrmen in Starbucks
- finish Chapter 2 of History of Graphic Design assignment
- finish layout for mag re-design

I think that's all.


breadpitt said...

jelouse leh, u can get dslr soon;-) i wonder when can i get 1

alLets' Lexy said...

haha` got ma dslr on hand ady ne` XD
but no worry, i'm suree if you want you can get urs soon, too. ^^

T said...

erww, you're definitely right!! ~there's still no one for me in Ipoh too... =/

alLets' Lexy said...

aiks. tracy also?~ =(

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