Sunday, July 19, 2009

Assignments make me cuckoo.


That's ma first roses from ma GummyBear. *big big grin*

While the process of getting it is... *shake head*

Let's not talk about that.

Anyway... finally I got ma Coke doses after craving and ranting for a total of almost 24hours if not more. Geez.

I'ma happy kid now, less emo.

And no, I didn't eat a slipper. Literally.

I just feel like I did. Emotionally.

Never mind if you don't know what I'ma talking about.

History of Graphic Design exam on Monday!!!

Shit, I don't know where ma notes is. *panic*

And I still have 2 assignments have yet to be done.

I just finished ma children packaging before I ran out.

And it's so kiddish but... never mind, it's children packaging after all.

Just now when I ran out, I got the kick of heading to Jusco for MNG before going to McD.

Why? Because few days ago, I saw in ChuiLynn's blog about a shirt that she tried in MNG and... it's nice plus, it's kinda ma style kinda thingy.

So I went there, found the dark blue one instead of the white one as showed in ChuiLynn's blog and asked for the white one but the sales assistant said that white is already sold out.


But I tried the dark blue one and it's nice... and then... miraclely, the white one pops out of thin air.

Actually, the sales assistant went to check if there's any stock left and found the last piece of ma size.


Why?~ When I thought it wasn't available anymore.

Tried here and there, white or blue, in the end...

129bucks fly off ma purse.

Ignore the fact that I only have 16bucks in ma purse, wtf.

You wanna see how the shirt look like?

Go to ChuiLynn's blog coz I didn't take any picture.

Worse... the shirt actually doesn't exactly fit me well considering I've gained some weight lately.

And yes, I bought it somehow. Ahhh!!


Now I'ma seriously broke.

Carrmen took the whole 16bucks off ma purse to buy McD while I only had a Coke and a fries.

And no more food after tonight.

I need to wear that fcuking shirt.

It's 129bucks.

What the fcuk is in ma mind when I decided to buy it?


I'ma sure it's the assignments!


Assignments make me lost ma mind and throw 129bucks for a shirt!!


Now shaddap and zip ma mouth, no food from now onwards.


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