Saturday, July 11, 2009

characters design.


Characters design of me and ma coursemates. ^^

A long due assignment using AI prolly months ago and I'ma finally done!!

Took me about an hour each and at the beginning, it was more killer since I forgot all ma AI skill. *cry*

But in the end, look! I'ma done!

Now waiting for approval and then printing can be done.


Exam in about 10 days and I still have about 6 assignments left.

Crazy shit.


яіи†akase said...

Wah, not bad leh. Woie, where's mine D:?

alLets' Lexy said...

teheee~ why everyone ask the same thing.
so annoying. =P

яіи†akase said...

... you say I annoying... *EMO*

alLets' Lexy said...

lol. u little emo girl. =P

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