Saturday, July 4, 2009

Review: Helo Bali Dance Club

Review: Helo Bali Dance Club

Last Saturday, we managed to head to Helo Bali, a dance club located in Sunway Pyramid right next to Italiannies for some awesome night out. It was our first time there and it was Saturday night, currently presenting Urban Nation with DJ Monkey, DJ Ash and MC Balan every week.

The environment is just nice though it heated up a little bit slower than usual that night. Nice colour theme in the club, with beautiful purple lights. It ain’t too huge but in my opinion, separated into too many different parts which make the club feels a little bit crampy. That’s because they have one the largest half moon-shaped bar, dance floor and three VIP lounges and also an exclusive VVIP lounge. Other than that, it’s interesting of how the DJ and MC booth is located right above the bar.

Helo Bali’s sound system is great enough to churn your heartbeat up right the moment you step inside but comfortable enough to stay in there for long. Also, it could be heard almost all corners of the club just as loud. But somehow when it comes to certain peaks, it is just not good enough to support the music to give the overwhelming feelings. Maybe the bass just ain’t strong enough.

While when it comes to music, as I have mentioned it didn’t really heat it up well enough at that night. I am not sure why as it was my first time being there. But after a song or two, it started to go great and smooth with enough peaks to throw the crowds crazy for a moment or so. But I would say it is not enough to really hip the crowd up to the max, like something is still pulling it back. Choices of music is nice, crowds love it.

Other than that, the service is good. Staff there is friendly and all smiley. Overall, I would say it’s quite cool and if there’s any chance, I don’t mind going there again. For more information, do check out Helo Bali thread at, in forums.

Environment: 5/10
Sound system: 5/10
Music: 7/10
Service: 7.5/10

Overall coolness: 6.5/10

Location: Helo Bali is located at Lot OB3.F.3 & 5, new wing entrance, Sunway Pyramid.
Landmark: next to Itallianies and on top of Steven's Corner.

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