Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Starbucks in heaven.


Guess where I am now~ *grin*

Yeash yeash yeash!! It's Starbucks and no, it's not Starbucks in Ipoh but...

Starbucks in heaven!! lol.

Nah... it's Genting and yeap, I'ma in Genting.


Finally ma sem ended, got ma assessment done yesterday, it was good. Not super but still, good. *grin*

Kinda satisfied and happy I'ma in Genting right after the day.

Sorry for not updating much since... previously it was boring and now I'ma lazy.

LOL I've always got ma excuses, no?` Gee.

But who's following anyway. Hmph.

Still... I will blog, don't worry. *smile*

And don't you see I'ma blogging though I'ma in Genting?~

Actually, I came with ma parents and ma aunt.

And ma mom's two maids. Yeap, no friend.

But it's alright because I just wanted to shop and I shopped!!

Though I only got like three tops and... some bangles and... some chocolates.

MNG sales is madness here!! But all small sizez. *emo*

And... disappointed I can't get any shoes for jogging.

There's one Nike sneakers which look quite good but... only suitable for dancing.

Wtf, I don't dance.

Other than that, nothing much for me to shop already.

But I finally got into the Casino!! Casino virgin no more! Geez.

Buthen... I don't understand a thing inside, I just wanna go in for the sake of going in.

And no... I'ma still a virgin if you say gamble in the Casino. lol

Then... it's Starbucks!!

It's love. Definitely loveeeeeee.

Anyway, I'ma coming back tomorrow already. lol

24 hours in Genting only but... I've got a free room due to the membership in Casino so... maybe Genting again soon? *laugh*

That's all for now.

And... miss ma head??

Picca-s up. ^^



mello said...

Aww! I love Starbucks and I love Genting!! =D Lucky girl!

alLets' Lexy said...

hahahaha~ then you should go! XD

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