Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I Love You by Joanna Wang.

Ma bie send me this song through Facebook mail the other day, have yet the time to listen to it until now.

Am still busy rushing to get ma all ma assignments done by next week.

It's crazy really to cramp almost half a semester assignments into three weeks. Or less.

Thanks to me being the so-called professional procrastinator ever.

While after exam, am expecting to have some trips.

Pray hard that it's all gonna go well.

While now, am alone in Oldtown.

But Oldtown is getting quite expensive, I'ma so going back to Starbucks soon.


Anyway, steamboat date with Carrmen tonight.

Shit. Everyone's going clubbing on Wednesday.

And those peeps who are going two days in a row, curse you guys to have some badass hang over!

Yeah, I know some don't drink but whatever.

I'ma jealous.

It's obvious.

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