Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joomcool.com's MY HERO CHALLENGE

Update, no update.

I have been suffering from serious boredom since I came back from Genting.

And now after I have managed to drag maself thruogh few days of serious hell of boredom, it's time for me to run away from home.

For a week.

Geez. I'ma heading off to KL tomorrow.

Though I still have about 4 post in line waiting for me to blog about. *headache*

But before that, let me make an announcement.

Joomcool.com is currently proudly presenting you an art competition in our Design, CG and Art section in the forums.


The topic for the competition is MY HERO CHALLENGE.

The competition is sponsored Wacom and also GrandTech with a grand prize of a Wacom Bamboo Medium size (A5).

This competition is opened to all levels from amateur to professionals, also students, college, universities or even school students.

Either analog or digital is allowed in the competition but final submission must be in JPEG format. So you can either take pictures of the analog submission or scan it into the pc.

Begin date for submission starts on the 3rd of August 2009 which has already begun and end date is on the 3rd of October 2009 which is about two months later.

Participants can submit more than one entries with the condition that all participants has to be a member of Joomcool.com.

So register yourself at http://www.joomcool.com, terms and conditions applied.

For more, do proceed over to Joomcool's MY HERO CHALLENGE or Joomcool's MY HERO CHALLENGE Gallery.

Seriously I do think this is a very good opportunity to those who loves to draw. No limit of medium used whether analog or digital. You can scribble, you can draw using pencil, you can draw using tablet or mouse, almost any other way you can think of.

Plus point? There's a gallery for you to post your work and then if you get critics or such, you can even re-fine your rowk for second submission and so on.

With so, even that would be a higher chance of winning?

And the grand prize is very tempting. A medium size Wacom Bamboo tablet!

Even I owned only the small size.

Imagine the fun of using the medium size. *grin*

If I were you, I wouldn't wanna wait anymore to participate in this because the earliest you got in, the more time you have to get critics and also to re-fine your artwork and submit more entries.

Which just mean, the earlier you participate, the higher chance you could win.

Now what more do you wanna wait?~

Please not wait anymore.

I can't wait to see the earliest batch of submittion in Joomcool.com now.

Hop over, register yourself if you have yet to be a member and start submitting already.

And most importantly, do not forget to share this with all your friends and family who is interested in art competition.

Good luck and I'll wait to see your work in the forums.

While for the mean time now, let me work on other stuff before I come back blogging for more.

I still owe everyone a review on one of the most happening club currently in Ipoh, Barroom.

Coming soon with pictures.


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