Tuesday, September 29, 2009

if it's everyday... relaxation


I'ma back from ma trip to KL for two days already if I ain't mistaken.

The trip ain't a holiday trip, really.

I went there and I was in Bangsar for 3 days straight due to meetings.

Though it was great meeting all those amazing people but I think I got quite sick of Bangsar itself.

On the 4th day, I ended up catching on some sleep, woke up late and went to Starbucks to do ma assignments instead.

Yes, I brought ma assignments along to KL!

And somehow SS15 Starbucks internet connection sucks.

Or there are just plain too many students there with lappie.

Seriously, the whole Starbucks are full students with lappie.

*sweat face*

Then the 5th day it's the time to leave.

That's all for ma KL trip this time.



No. I'ma expecting more of such kind of trip in the future but I wish to really meet some friends, especially those whom I did not manage to meet for few times already.

Also to have some photo shoot, and to attend some events at least.

But now I'll have to wait till the next chance for me to runaway to KL again.

While now... it's time for war again.

War in all fields, not one.

Lecturers are breathing down ma neck, ma principal is, too.

I bet that wouldn't miss out ma beloved 'boss'. lol

So it means everyone is breathing down ma neck! o.O

I wish everyday is like the photo above.

But nah... I'll rot.


And now, I pray that I'll live.

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