Thursday, September 17, 2009

o' Daisy.

There's nothing much to blog about lately.

Except food.

But I doubt you guys wanna anymore food post after the few before.

Let's take a break from food post.

But other than that, nothing much interesting.

Can't wait to go KL again!!

But assignments are killer.

Bell is complaining that I didn't update.

And surprisingly, Francine is not.

Weird, I know.

Still, I decided to update for the sake of... updating.

At least I have one pretty picture to share.


Is this what we call daisy?


irEne said...

its called gerbera :)
very nice pic!

alLets' Lexy said...

its not daisy? o.O!
the florist told me daisy. -____-

thanks for telling. ^^
and thanks again.

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